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Hen Weekend

Booking your hen weekend could not be easier these days, there are so many packages and so many companies to choose from.

Well we at DesignaVenture know that it's a jungle out there and that your group will always be better off booking with us.

We really enjoy what we do here, and this shows in the way we handle your booking, from the start all the way to the very end when you have to go back to work. We have very high standards with unbeatable customer service being paramount.

This year we have increased our hen packages by 50% and now include loads of different unique activities and packages. We have also brought some of our hen packages down in price, which is unheard of in this day and age!!!

If you are looking to book your weekend abroad and need more help on deciding where to go, then give us a call. Our travel advisers will be able to help you with the best hen destinations for your group and with other aspects of travel, including advise on insurance, visas (if required), temperatures day & night, closest beaches, where to shop and so on……..

Lets face it weddings are expensive occasions and keeping to budget is an important factor of your hen weekend. That's why on our new website you have options to build your own hen weekend to under packages under £100 pages.

So if you are in two minds of which company to book your hen party with, in my biased opinion DesignaVenture should be at the top of your list.

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