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Organising Tips - For The Chief Bridesmaid

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Hen Party

Chief Bridesmaid tips on planning a stress free hen party

Arranging a Hen party can be a very daunting affair. As you’re the party leader you may feel that all the responsibilities will fall on your head. So we have prepared some basic tips to help make sure the hen weekend goes to plan.

What To Do First

Find out exactly what the hen has in mind, if she is not sure or wants people’s input, speak to her best friends and bridesmaids and get their feedback.

The Guest List

Always check with the bride to be before inviting people as you do not want any friction on the weekend. Don’t forget to invite important family members, on both sides, it’s more then likely they will not come but it always nice to be courteous.

Getting it right

Once you have decided on the what you are going to do try and email and talk to as many people in the party as possible and get feedback. If you have to, set a budget that everyone thinks is fair, you want as many friends to attend the celebration as possible so, “I can’t afford it” should hopefully not be an excuse.

Booking it

Once you have be given the green light book the break as soon as possible, you will not gain any thing from booking late only disappointment.

Booking Conditions

Designaventure lets you cancel people off the booking up until 28 days prior to the hen party (UK bookings only), if you book elsewhere check their booking conditions thoroughly before booking, a full understanding of these boring terms and conditions will save you from loosing money if people drop out.

Collecting The Money In

Give everyone a payment date at least 7 days before the actual payment is due, this will give you time to get any cheques cleared.

Make sure everyone knows

Lots of people these days have email addresses so try and email everyone all the details once you have received them if not snail mail will have to do!

On the break

Make sure everyone has your mobile number so if anyone gets lost or confused they can contact you easily.

Most Importantly

Don’t stress, you cannot please everyone, just make sure that you and the hen has a good time!

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