Wat-er Wake Up Call!

The perfect stag do hangover cure is a great watersport stag do activity! A watersports activity will certainly get your adrenaline flowing and keep everyone laughing until the evening; for inspiration check out the following selection of watersports stag weekend favourites:

White Water Rafting is definitely a firm favourite with stag dos because you get the thrill of riding the rapids at break neck speed and knowing that, if you are in the stag’s raft you are guaranteed a dunking. Wet suits are provided with helmets and raft guides to keep you safe.

Gorge Scrambling is also known as Canyoning, with this stag activity getting wet is a certainty, jumping into deep pools from increasingly higher ledges as you traverse the beautiful gorge, some gorges have small caves that you can check out. Walking behind waterfalls is a real memory clincher!

Canoeing down river is perfect for the stag party looking for the more gentile weekend. Take in amazing scenery as you glide down river catching up with friends passed and present. Packages can include camping but all include canoes, transport, paddles and life jackets, you will also be given a waterproof map and watertight barrels which will keep your stuff dry.

Head for the coast for a surfing stag weekend, Newquay is one of Europe’s top hot spots for Surfing weekends and has Atlantic Rollers most surfers dream about. Stag groups are usually beginners to this sport so start out by just lying down on the board, however 50% will be standing up on the board by the afternoon! Hire of board, wetsuits and instruction all included.

Coasteering is as the name suggests is a coastal activity and is similar to gorge scrambling. Clinging on to the rugged cliffs at sea level and jumping into deep pools, makes an exciting and adrenalin infused activity. Some jumps will make you weak at the knees; no peer pressure is included in this activity well maybe a bit from your mates. We provide you with a wet suits (to keep you nice and toasty), helmets, and buoyancy aids.