Top Stag Destinations – Nottingham

Back in the nineties Nottingham became one of the first popular stag destinations in the uk where every best man was looking to book their stag party into.

Now there are many popular stag destinations however Nottingham is still holding it’s own as one of the most popular locations.

So let’s see why people flock here; Nottingham is right in the middle of the UK and just off the M1 so becoming a central hub to meet.

Secondly, the stag activities on offer are full on and extremely varied from White Water Rafting to Rage Buggies, Clay Pigeon Shooting to It’s a knockout naming just a few of what’s on offer.

Did I mention how friendly Nottingham people are, if I didn’t I should have as they are extremely welcoming and will call you a duck as an affectionate name, ‘alright me duck’!

Nottingham has a huge range of hotels situated right in the centre of the city from 1 and 2 star hotels to 4 star properties offering stags a little luxury on their weekend.

My final case I bring to you ‘of why your next stag do should be in Nottingham’ is it’s nightlife, lively bars, banging clubs, fantastic restaurants will all welcome stag parties with open arms giving you peace of mind that you won’t be wandering around a city centre looking for a venue to get into.