Winter Stag Do Ideas

Have you just been asked to be the best man for a winter wedding and need some inspiration on what to do for the stag do?

If your answer to the above is ‘yes’, read on, if it’s ‘no’ still read on, as it still might be interesting (I hope).

If you need to pump up your stag group with testosterone then head to Riga and fly down the a Bobsleigh track, in the summer you go down on wheels however, in the winter your track will be made of ice so it’s the real thing.

If it’s sunshine you are after, take your stag party to the Med. For closeness head to Southern Spain where you are almost guaranteed sunshine, alternatively fly a couple more hours to Cyprus, which boasts 340 days of sunshine and has some amazing beaches and nightlife, it is the Isle of Fernando after all.

If you prefer to celebrate your stag do in good old Blighty the winter months is the best time to grab a bargain.

Bournemouth, Reading, Nottingham and Bristol all have fantastic winter offers with some stag packages saving you up to fifty squid.

All of a sudden, winter is starting to look like a brilliant time to go on a stag do!

Winter Stag Do Budget Busters

There’s always that period pre and post Christmas when money is tight and if your stag do is coming up and you’re humming and hahing about where to go on a limited budget, then check out some of our special offers.Stag in the snow

There’s no need to compromise your activities or enjoyment as we’ve got plenty of locations that offer excellent packages without breaking the bank. For this we recommend Britain, so travel costs aren’t hiking your prices up so much, plus, at this time of year, there’s no need to go abroad as the weather is the same everywhere in Europe.

So what do we have? Generally doing your own thing during the day and saving your blow-out for the evening works out cheapest.

Somewhere like Blackpool is probably our lowest stag do deal at only £49. Incredibly this includes hotel, breakfast, VIP lap dancing and club entries. But if you want to build in some day time adventure too, stag nights in Nottingham start from just £59, yes they include accommodation, breakfast, an activity like paintballing, plus guest list nightclub entry. It’s staggering isn’t it (ouch, pardon the pun!).

A stag do in Hereford is just £89, with good quality central accommodation, breakfast, try raft building or bonkers treasure hunting in the day and hit the town at night.
For just a few quid more, at £99 your Edinburgh stag package will give you an additional night’s stay, and Bournemouth and Brighton’s £99 two night winter season packages focus on the hardened stag night traditions with bar passes, VIP lap dancing entry and guest list club passes. Phenomenal value.

If boozing all night is a bit predictable, what about a stag night at the dogs in Manchester with an overnight deal at just £72?

Bristol ramps the quality and quantity up a bit more, with special overnight offers in four star hotels with breakfast, rage buggies or quad biking, clay pigeon shooting and guest list club entry all at only £110, or cut out the activities and build in an evening meal bringing your stag night down to just £81.

What we’re trying to say is that you can have a legendary time, staying overnight or two, with meals, activities and nightlife, all organised for you and spend as little or as much on your stag do as you want. The point is choice and flexibility. With many more locations across the UK and Europe DesignaVenture will make it happen in an area to suit you.

Stag Do In Nottingham Is A Real Steal

As winter is drawing in, UK inflation is on the rise again as are the gas and electricity prices despite what the government say!

However, you can alway rely on DesignaVenture to pull it out of the bag and produce a stag do at a fantastic inflation buster price.

Take a stag weekend in Nottingham between October 2011 and February 2012, stay for 2 nights in a 3 star city centre hotel with breakfast, your stag do activities include indoor karting, paintball and dance all night at Oceana nightclub, all for just £127.00 per person (as of October, 2011 price).

The usual price of this amazing Nottingham stag do is £164.00 per person, so get on the phone, website or email and get it booked.

Stag Dos Going Cheap

DesignaVenture are into value for money and there is no better way to show this then to whack on a load of cheap stag do packages for the up and coming winter months.

Arrive between November and February and expect to pay thirty percent less then you would normally.

Thirty percent is a huge saving, for examply; The Riga Party On Stag Package you are saving twenty pounds a man, so if there was ten in the group that’s two hundred quid!

With two hundred quid you can:

  • Get the stag really drunk every night whilst on his stag do
  • Buy the stag a mankini to wear on his weekend
  • Pay for the stag’s weekend from start to finish
  • Get all the wives and girlfriends guilt presents
  • Buy two hundred items from a pound shop
  • So don’t just sit around and ponder what to do on your winter stag do, get on the DesignaVenture website and get yourself booked in before they get booked up.

    Stag Weekend Ideas For The Colder Months

    We are approaching Autumn fast and need to look at stag weekend ideas for the Autumn and winter.

    Most stag groups in the colder months of the year tend to shy away from seaside towns and head for the for the bright lights of large cities and towns.

    With this in mind Nottingham, Bristol, Manchester and Edinburgh get their fare share of stag dos in the winter months as they have night clubs and bars open all year round with loads of great activities to do in the day.

    If you are looking for motor sports head to Bristol or Nottingham for Rage Buggies, Maxcats, Hovercrafts, Indoor karts or Quad biking.

    If you prefer to just party then cities around the UK offer fantastic facilities and venues including comedy clubs, lap dancing clubs, bar crawls, night clubs, brewery tours, medieval banquets and lively restaurants for great party meals.

    Remember, if you need a winter stag weekend, the towns and cities of the UK can always accommodate your requirements.

    DesignaVenture has a number of UK stag do deals travelling between November and March, check their website for details.