A Stag Do For Charity

Lots of stags happen throughout the year, they mainly consist of lots of activities, drinks and fun and why not, this is your last days of being a free-man, however some grooms have other things on their mind.

Bridegroom Rob Cocker recently found out that one of his oldest mates (David Deakin) had been diagnosed with Sarcoma, which is a rare form of Cancer, just to let you know that people with this horrible disease are given 1 – 3 years.

So he turned his stag do into a fundraising event collecting more than £3,000 for Sarcoma UK and also raising awareness for this horrible disease.

The stag group walked for 4 days averaging about 17 miles a day, even though there was a serious message to this stag do, they still managed to have a few beers and a right laugh.

They finished their walk at The Riverside in Ilkley, there to greet them was David and 40 of his family and friends giving them a rapturous welcome.

If you would like to donate please go to the Justgiving website.

This is just another great Charity stag do story, we have many of them on this news feed collected over the years from mainly local press stories. It’s a shame that the national papers don’t pick up on this side of the stag do instead focusing on the badly behaved stag do stories.

Unfortunately, according to the just giving website David Deakin has now passed.

Take Care

Stag Do With A Big Heart

We have always tried to cover the ‘good news’ Stag Do Stories and this story which featured on the evening express website is right up our street.

A stag party will be driving 3,000 miles to raise cash for Cancer Research.

They have decided to take part in the Barcelona Bangers Car Rally which takes place from Calais to Barcelona. Graham Henderson has chosen this epic journey with 4 of his mates in a car which must cost less than £400 (Barcelona Bangers Rules).

They will be starting in Laurencekirk, Scotland and will driving 572 miles to Dover before getting on a ferry and arriving into Calais for the 22nd May, ready to take part in the Barcelona Bangers Rally.

You can sponsor this amazing voyage by donating here.

We would like yo take this opportunity to wish Graham and his mates all the luck in the world.

Balls To The Bride

A groom-to-be who was jilted by his bride has put his feeling to one side and done something truly amazing.

According to an article on the Burton Mail website, John Whitbread was due to get m

arried on Valentine’s day but his wife to be left him at Christmas leaving him with the stag do and the honeymoon to sort.

Well, he obviously went on the stag do with his pals, but what about the honeymoon?

He put his ex-fiancee’s ticket onto Ebay to see if he could cover costs however due to popular demand the bid is currently at £7,900, from 104 bids, so he kindly decided anything over £1,050 he would donate to the Balls to Cancer charity.

You can check out the auction here up until 08.55am, 15th Jan 2015:

Girl from the Public to Dominican Republic

Just to let you know, he has stipulated that the bidder must be female.

Pop this in to Twitter for updates – #girlfromthepublictodominicanrepublic

We salute you John.


The highest bid was £8,000 by an unknown bidder (not sure how long she will keep her anonymity however the real winner here is Ball to Cancer, raising a whopping £6,950. We want to wish John the best 2 weeks of his life and hope the bidder is as nice as she’s generous!

Bride Goes On The Run For Hen Party

The British public are just incredible and Bride to be Kelly Nash of South Shields is like no other.

For her Hen Party she and 12 other are planning to take part in a 5K run in aid of St Oswald’s Hospice where her work colleague from Four housing, Lesley Bell, has treatment.

They will all be showered with powder paint before taking part which takes a new meaning to a Bridal shower.

After the run the Hen Party plan is to have Afternoon Tea before attending Proms in the Park in Brents Park, before finishing off on Ocean Road in South Shields for a curry.

We love stories on charitable stag and hen dos, so if you have a story which includes you celebrating your last days as a single man or woman making money for for good causes please get in touch.

This story featured on the Shields Gazette website.

If you would like to take part in the run please visit the St Oswald’s Life List Website or email fundraising@stoswaldsuk.org

Another Fantastic Charity Stag Do

Two pals have decided to try and break 4 world records whilst celebrating Charlie Badderley’s stag do.

According to the Westmorland Gazette, Charlie’s stag do will attempt to break the following world records in aid of Help the Heroes:

First of all the stag party will try and beat the best time on space hoppers over 100 metres.

Then they will then try and eat more than 10 burgers in three minutes.

The third record attempt by this heroic stag party will be trying to achieve the fastest time to wrap one person in newspaper by an eight strong group.

And finally, Charlie, the stag, will try and crush the greatest number of eggs with his forehead in 30 seconds, he’s going to stink!

Eat your heart out Max Davidson (journalist from the Telegraph, the man’s a numpti), another fantastic good news stag do story.

A Charity Cycle Ride To Brave Fathers Stag Do Town

Over 70 friends and family of the late great Rick Wheddon will cycle to the town in France where he had his stag do over 23 years ago.

Rick Wheddon father of 3 who battled with bowel cancer for three and a half years will be remembered for his uplifting spirit and courageous behavior.

70 people on the 22nd September will cycle ride from Calais to Le Touquet in France in aid of Bowel Cancer UK and are hoping to raise more than £5,000.

The 70 riders will include his three brothers, two sisters and his three children; Beth, Will and Rob.

We love a good stag do story at the DesignaVenture news desk and this one is pretty special, we want to wish all the 70 riders all the luck in the world.

If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause please go to Rick Wheddon’s JustGiving page.

Another Stag Do For Charity

We love good news stag do stories and love to spread the word on how amazing most of the British stags really are.

Andy Bond of High Green had no ordinary stag do, he drove with three of his pals in an old banger from Sheffield to Benidorm dressed as characters from Starsky and Hutch.

The amazing bit is they managed to raise more than £2k for the Macmillan and Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in North Anston.

Andy, a production engineer married bride Kate Miller advised a local newspaper reporter “I do enjoy a good night out but I wanted to do something different”.

“It’s something I have always wanted to do and getting married is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I thought this could be another” he added.

The three pals who accompanied him to Benidorm in a 16 year old Vauxhall Astra included his brother Richard Bond, Paul Haresign and David Neil.

We at DesignaVenture would like to wish Andy and Katie all the luck in the world and to the other three guys, we applaud you.