Bristol Stag Do Place Goes for £1.21 On Ebay

2 members of a stag party doing West Country GamesA Stag Do going to Bristol had a last minute drop out so instead of a no show they decided to auction the place on eBay.

According to an article on the Bristol Post website, these plucky lads from Andover booked West Country Games, Indoor Crazy Golf, bar, club entry and 1 night’s accommodation for their Bristol Stag Do.

On their listing they included some advice for bidders saying that the person who agrees to go must be ready for the daytime activities dressed with trainers and socks for the West Country Games and must pay for their own food and drink all day. (Dressed in trainers and socks always makes me laugh!)

Apparently they had over a 1,000 views but the listing only went for £1.21 and was snapped up by a lady known as Josie. She couldn’t do the whole Stag Do so met them in town for the Crazy golf and a few drinks around town. One of the group said, “like them, she loved the idea of it and did it for a laugh”, however the group said the whole eBay stunt gave the weekend a great buzz.

Bristol is a fantastic UK stag destination and over the last couple of years has become extremely popular with stag and hen parties. With fantastic activities in the day and amazing nightlife, Bristol is possibly the busiest city for stags and hen travelling from other cities. For some  amazing stag packages get yourself over to the DesignaVenture bristol stag do section, where we have packages starting from £79.00 per person*, equally we also offer amazing hen party breaks starting from £95.00 per person*, you can view these packages here.

*Prices correct at time of publish

Ooh Aah Olympics

As the Olympic torch hits the streets of our popular stag do destination of Bristol, let’s take a look at the Bristolian’s answer to the Olympic games called the West Country Games.

Set in a massive grassy field 25 minutes south of Bristol not dissimilar to Mount Olympia this amazing venue holds what can only be described as Vicky Pollard’s ideal Olympic Games.

Games include Cider Run, Bristol Chavs and handbags, Pitchfork Duel, Welly Wanging (obviously), Wurzel Knockout, Tractor Tyre Rolling, Mangold Dangling and many more West Country themed classics.

Also included in this amazing stag activity is a typical West Country Picnic lunch which will of course include a pasties and cider.

The games will last for 3 hours, which again is similar to the proper Olympics if you condense it down and take out the sports you dont like!

So if you want a unqiue stag activity or weekend you cannot go wrong with the Ooh Aah Olypics / West Country Games, right now where did I put my pitchfork and pasty.

Popular Stag Destinations – Bristol

We are now heading West Country in our Popular / Top Stag Destinations series to the Capital, Bristol, a very popular stag destination with awesome nightlife.

It also has some fantastic unique stag activities including Cider Tasting and the very popular West Country Games.

Where else in the world would sports like Welly Wanging, Pitchfork Duel and Wurzel Knockout be so at home?

Bristol also has a fantastic activity site approximately 20 minutes drive from the centre offering stag favourites such as Rage Buggies, Paintball, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Quad Biking etc.

Then there’s the nightlife; amazing bars, banging clubs and really cool restaurants are all at your disposal if you choose Bristol for your next stag do destination.

Try the Bristol Bierkeller for some tongue in cheek fun or head to Oceana for 3 floors of disco action.

With so much on offer you can see why Bristol has become such an extremely popular stag destination.

A 100% American “Breastaurant” arrives in Bristol

Stag dos in Bristol have even more reason to celebrate as Hooters Bristol finally opened its doors late last year at this hugely popular stag and hen party location.

What should have been called “Bristols”, Hooters is the American concept restaurant of beautiful women wearing sexy hot pants with crop tops serving great party food and cold beers, the restaurant shows sports on big screens and an atmosphere perfect for stag dos.

“This great brand makes another ideal restaurant for stag dos visiting Bristol to explore,” a spokesman from DesignaVenture told me.

“Bristol, is an amazing city which has masses of restaurants offering cuisines from around the world, Hooters just embraces this cities open minded fun loving nature and it is a perfect venue for our stag dos to grab a bit to eat before they hit the cities bars and clubs” she added.

Stag Do Ideas

Wait a minute, you have just been asked to be best man and within seconds two thoughts flash through your mind, stag dos and the best man speech.

Two very daunting prospects but I am going to cover the stag dos below and for your best man’s speech go to speeches for weddings they will help you create a masterpiece which will need its very own toast!

First and foremost, the stag do, where to start?

Find out where your stag would like to go to, this is like looking at the map with a pin, great locations around the UK include Bournemouth, Bristol, Newquay, Edinburgh, Newcastle, the list is endless.
Once you know your destination ask all the fellas how much of their hard earned cash they want to spend.

For example if he wanted to try out the nightlife in Bristol and you have £150 to spend, DesignaVenture has on their home page a box where you can input where you would like to go to and your maximum budget, it will then bring up a list of popular packages under that budget, go here for the Bristol under £150 results; Bristol Stag dos under £150

If your “groom to be” has decided he would like to do some rage buggies, in Bournemouth with lap dancing and a couple of nightclubs and none of the packages on the DesignaVenture website matches his requirements, pick up the phone and give them a call they will Design a Venture to suit your requirements and budget.

Then sit back, relax, in the fact that you have completed the two main parts of the best man duties, you can then cruise the rest!