Dos and Don’ts on a Stag Do

Do have a Kitty and give it to someone who is not going to get trashed or likely to wander off with it.

Do take a Card from the reception of your hotel so when you go out at night you know where to return to, especially if you are on a stag do abroad.

Do use the taxis companies your hotel recommends, you are less likely to get ripped off or taken for a long ride!!

Do eat on your stag weekend, try and get up for breakfast and then go back to bed if you wish, they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Book a restaurant for the night or talk to DesignaVenture they can recommend or book you a table.

Do have a meeting point, should people get lost or fancy dipping out for a couple of hours have a pub or bar where everyone can meet.

Do look after the Stag, after all he is the reason why you are on your fantastic break.

Do organise a prank or two but make sure they are in good taste, see don’ts below.

Do look after the boys, have a surprise for the stag during the weekend to keep spirits up and give everyone something for to talk about after the stag do.

Don’t peak too soon, drinking all day sounds great but most “Grooms To Be” we have spoken to would rather do an activity in the day and then party at night.

Don’t keep ringing or texting home (unless you have a valid reason), this is deemed as rude and against the rules.

Don’t be a nag, if you have a large group to organise sometimes it can feel like herding cats so delegate jobs to ushers to remind people of what to bring, where to meet, passports etc.

Don’t organise a stag do prank which is likely to hurt or mark the “Groom To Be” permanently.

Don’t be rude to bouncers as they are your ticket into the venue, when you are in a big group some doormen don’t like large groups of lads, be courteous and this will increase your chances of entry.

These are just a few pointers for your group whilst you are on your stag do, if you would like more details on the points raised or would like to more help in the arrangement of your stag do, please do not hesitate in calling or emailing DesignaVenture