I Dunno, you PRANKSTERS!

Man Gaffer taped to a tree as a stag do prankA Stag Do in Albufeira made national news in Portugal for a prank right out of the Stag Do Book of Pranks.

The poor unsuspecting stag was having a drink with his so called mates in a bar in Albufeira (Algarve, Portugal) when his mates stripped him naked, wrapped him to a lamppost with cling film and wedged a bottle of beer in the cheeks that very rarely see  sunlight.

According to an article on The Portugal News website, the police turned up, unwrapped him and asked whether he wanted to press charges, he obviously refused and rejoined his mates in the bar.

I dunno, you pranksters!!!

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Stag Prank Goes Viral

Another Stag Do prank goes viral, this time the crime scene is at Budapest airport and the prank weapon, a dildo!

The poor unsuspecting stag was on his way home from a Stag Do in Budapest when his bag was searched by Hungarian airport security.

The airport security spotted a bottle of water by the x-ray machine in the stag’s bag which was planted by the ‘Stag Do Prankster’ (he did this so the stag would be stopped). However, also strapped to the bottle of water was a giant Didldo!

The whole event was filmed by the prankster to an eruption of laughter from the stag party watching on.

The stag himself took it in all good faith – you can watch the video by clicking on the link below:

Stag Do Prank Plants Sex Toy in Man’s Luggage as he Passes Through Airport Security!!

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Stag Do Prank Goes Golden

A life-long West Brom fan was made to don the golden football strip of Wolves by his joint best men and sing outside the Hawthorns as a Stag Do Prank.

According to the Mirror’s website Kieran Handley was made by his joint best men to sing about Steve Bull outside the Hawthorns stadium before going on his stag weekend – you can see the video here.

The cruel / crafty best men said he they thought he would hate it but secretly he enjoyed it, are you sure about that?

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Swedish Stag Do Prank Results IN FIRE!

If you think our Stag Do Games and Pranks are mad over here in the UK, take a trip up north to Scandinavia where the Scandies are just as crazy.

An article on The Telegraph’s website today, shows a stag dressed up as a Panda picking up a chicken and running through a camp fire as a stag challenge. Unfortunately his panda suit is pretty flammable and his right leg catches fire, watch this hilarious video on the Telegraph’s website (link below) and see how he extinguishes himself!

No animals including the stag (GET IT!! – sorry an appalling joke) were injured.

To watch this very funny video go to the Telegraph’s website – here.

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Stag Do Prank In Newcastle Hits The Tabloids

According to an article on the Mirror’s website an unsuspecting stag (Liverpool fan) was gaffer taped to a lamp post in full view of the party goers at Newcastle’s infamous Quayside.

But the story doesnt end there, they not only gaffer taped this brave stag they also dressed him the full Sunderland’s football kit.

There is also a video showing this Stag Do Prank in all it’s glory.

The whole prank was taken in good spirits by the Geordies that saw him, well it’s no surprise Newcastle is one of the friendliest cities to celebrate a Stag Do in.

We can’t help but salute this stag party for a great prank, maybe they got the idea from our blog post; Top 10 Stag Do Pranks.

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