Olympic Charges Next Year In London!

Next year if you are planning a stag do in London in June, July or August you better get your wallet out, hotel prices are coming in and they are extortionate.

I fully understand that hotels need to make hay while the sun shines to cover high capital prices however, some of these prices are eye watering.

My opinion is to give the capital a miss in 2012, that’s unless you have tickets for the Olympics and try some of our other great UK cities such as a fantastic stag do in Bristol or a brilliant stag weekend in Bournemouth.

With lively nightlife, amazing activities and a little less traffic you are guaranteed a memorable stag do.

Best of British for the Royal Couple

Prince William’s stag do will now be held on this pleasant land, the UK. Kate Middleton’s hen party is also to be held in the UK due to security issues that we think is fair going.

We believe this is something to celebrate; the UK has some great cities to visit over a weekend.

A stag do in Bristol is very cosmopolitan with the waterside bars overlooking Bristol harbour you could be anywhere in mainland Europe.

A hen party in Bournemouth is a truly memorable one with 7 miles of golden sand and boutique style hotels all within easy walking distance of the fantastic nightlife.

Stag and hen nights in London needs no selling, with possibly some of the best nightlife in the world, London is always number one in any top ten-city travellers lists to visit.

And what about the awesome activities Great Britain has to offer, white water rafting and gorge scrambling in Scotland or North Wales, It’s a Knockout, rage buggies, quad biking, Hovercrafting, rickshaw bar tours and Zorbing to name but a few, the list is as long as your arm, if you arm is as long as Gulliver’s that is!

So we feel that the Royals haven’t plumped to have their hen and stag dos in the UK we think they know the UK is simply the best place to spend their celebratory weekend.