Fancy Dress Lands Stag Party In Hot Water

According to an article in the Daily Mail, just before Christmas a stag party in Chester where seen storming shops and restaurants dressed up like plastic figurine toy soldiers performing military style drills. The stag do fancy dress look was complete with plastic toy guns, green paint and green plastic helmets.

The police were called when the stag group stormed Nandos rolling around the floor and shouting ‘clear the area’. The party were then given a stern talking to by the police and all their plastic weaponry was confiscated.

This prank apparently split social media with some members of the public saying people just don’t have a good sense of humour whilst others saying it’s in bad taste especially when, at the time, the Sydney siege was going on.

In our option this stag prank should not be copied, especially after all that terrible business going on in France.

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Stag Do Fancy Dress Banned In Newquay

Don’t worry not all stag do fancy dress has been banned in Newquay only one outrages item which only the brave or poor stag is forced to wear, the Borat Mankini!

They have also banned hen party favourite, faked penises!!

The police now have the power to send you back to your hotel to get changed.

The Mankini is now classed as offensive clothing, and one officer had told the press; “we have had a real crack-down on fake penises” (sounds like a line from a Carry On movie!!).

So if you are heading to Newquay next summer for your stag do or hen party, best unpack your Mankini and throw away those fake penises.