Paintball Is Not Everyones Cup Of Tea

Paintball may not be everyones cup of tea but have you actually had a go?

What is there not to like? Especially as a stag do activity.

Sorry to ask so many questions at the start but I am shocked people turn their noses up at such a brilliant activity, it may seem old hat ‘not trendy’ but let me tell you something, it sure does blow the cobwebs out of your every day mundane life.

Running through ambushes, gun in hand, shooting at anything that moves and succeeding in winning your team the game, this is as exciting as it gets.

The whole of the stag party can get involved, no standing around waiting for your go, become an integral part of the plan to win.

Strategically place small fragments of your stag party on different missions giving you the space to take or one or two people out before stealing their base, a little planning goes a long way.

Rage Against The Quads

You are in a ponder, “which motorised stag do activity to do?” After all one motorised activity is enough as you also want to do clay pigeon shooting, paintball and lap dancing, well we are in a recession.

Out of all the top motorised activities two have come out on top this year, Rage Buggies and Quad Biking.

Rage Buggies are fast, very fast and their exhilaration will sit you back in your seat, not even your Vauxhall Nova will do that! Race these amazing machines around a specially designed hard core circuit and see why they are so popular.

Quad Biking is equally exciting with many sites giving you either a white knuckle ride on extreme terrain or racing head to head on fast tracks. These bikes are also really versatile giving you chance to motor through places you wouldn’t even send a tank through.

These are both excellent stag do activities, if I had to choose I would really struggle as I love the speed and exhilaration of the Rage Buggies and find the quads excellent machines to thrash through mud, rivers and woods.

So I can decide and will leave it up to you and your stag party to make the decision.

Go Gorge Walking On Your Stag Do

Gorge Walking has a number of names including canyoning, Gorge Scrambling, Cliff jumping, but they all mean a the same thing; a full on fantastic stag do activity.

After being fitted out with wet suits, buoyancy aids and helmets (all included) you will be ready for your briefing by the river bank.

Once you have had a full safety briefing get ready to tackle some fast flowing water, climb some sheer rock faces, walk behind waterfalls and jump into deep pools.

If all of that is not enough for your stag party, there is a jump at the end of your session which will sort out the puppies from the big dogs, no peer pressure though.

So if you are pondering over what to do on your stag do, Gorge Walking is definitely a good place to start.

Gorge Walking is available in North Wales, South Wales (including Bristol) and Scotland.

A good alternative to Gorge Walking is Coasteering in Newquay.

The Worlds Heaviest Limo

Stag dos and Hen parties will be quivering at the site of the latest Limo to come out of the United States.

It weighs in at 22 tonnes and has enough room to give 40 stags or hens a ride around their chosen stag do location.

Inside this monstrous Limo are three lounges, a bathroom, a full sized bar, five flat screen televisions, surround sound, laser guided satellite with access to the World Wide Web!

Californian, Pamela Bartholomew Machado, owner of this humongous truck advised reporters “it’s more like a travelling nightclub, even though it’s described as a limo”.

The good news is that the price is only £650 per hour; the bad news is that it is only licensed for US highways (great news for the Greens).

A Stag Do in North Wales, Why?

Why have a stag do in North Wales when you have Barcelona, Prague and Bournemouth all within easy reach?

Well first of all it may not have the weather but boy does it have the stag do activities.

The White Water Rafting sites are by far the busiest within the UK, and you can expect White Water all year round.

The quad biking sites take in fantastic scenery and give you some of the most exciting treks you will ever experience, with one climbing a mountain to views of seven Counties!

Gorge Scrambling also known as Canyoning is what an outdoor activity should be; exciting, hair raising, group bonding and all with stunning views.

On the North Wales / Shropshire borders you have Clay Pigeon Shooting, Hovercrafting, Karting, Paintball and archery to name but a few.

One thing I haven’t mentioned is that feeling of getting away from it all, one of the major North Wales stag selling points.

Don’t be a Bum, book your stag do early

Its that time of year when everyone is thinking of the summer, and where to go on their stag do?

Well, don’t be a fool and sit back and think I will sort it out in a couple of month’s time get it booked.

If you don’t book early, the best hotels will get booked up, the more popular stag do activities may not be available and don’t forget you are booking a big group so you don’t want to let them down.

So I spoke to head of sales at DesignaVenture who told me that “booking early shouldn’t be a problem, put down a small deposit, all we ask for is £100 group deposit and gives us a rough idea of numbers, you can sort out your numbers five weeks before you go, don’t need to worry about them now”.

“You can then sit back and relax and not have to worry about getting something organised, group members can even call us up and pay for their share directly”, he added.

So great advice from a top Stag do organiser, book early and then chill out.