The Secret To A Successful Stag Do

If you are ever in the position of arranging a stag do then the next few paragraphs are going to hopefully help the cause.

Communication is key, in order to keep your stag house in order you need people to know how much, what they are doing, where they are going and what date and time.

Now, this may seem obvious but we did hear of one stag group turn up in Gloucestershire instead of Oxfordshire and this was down the the best man not giving out enough information.

We are living in the age of communication people, you can Tweet, write something on your facebook wall, text, email, fax and if you are still living in a 1990’s American sitcom, pager.

Most people these days have a smart phone, it’s big news, so use them to the best of their abilities. And if your mate is better in technology then you are let him help you out.

This will help you have the most fluid stag do ever.