Stag Dos Going Cheap

DesignaVenture are into value for money and there is no better way to show this then to whack on a load of cheap stag do packages for the up and coming winter months.

Arrive between November and February and expect to pay thirty percent less then you would normally.

Thirty percent is a huge saving, for examply; The Riga Party On Stag Package you are saving twenty pounds a man, so if there was ten in the group that’s two hundred quid!

With two hundred quid you can:

  • Get the stag really drunk every night whilst on his stag do
  • Buy the stag a mankini to wear on his weekend
  • Pay for the stag’s weekend from start to finish
  • Get all the wives and girlfriends guilt presents
  • Buy two hundred items from a pound shop
  • So don’t just sit around and ponder what to do on your winter stag do, get on the DesignaVenture website and get yourself booked in before they get booked up.