Rage Against The Quads

You are in a ponder, “which motorised stag do activity to do?” After all one motorised activity is enough as you also want to do clay pigeon shooting, paintball and lap dancing, well we are in a recession.

Out of all the top motorised activities two have come out on top this year, Rage Buggies and Quad Biking.

Rage Buggies are fast, very fast and their exhilaration will sit you back in your seat, not even your Vauxhall Nova will do that! Race these amazing machines around a specially designed hard core circuit and see why they are so popular.

Quad Biking is equally exciting with many sites giving you either a white knuckle ride on extreme terrain or racing head to head on fast tracks. These bikes are also really versatile giving you chance to motor through places you wouldn’t even send a tank through.

These are both excellent stag do activities, if I had to choose I would really struggle as I love the speed and exhilaration of the Rage Buggies and find the quads excellent machines to thrash through mud, rivers and woods.

So I can decide and will leave it up to you and your stag party to make the decision.

Where is the Best Place to go on a Stag Do

A question always asked by people up and down the UK, “where is the best place to go on a stag do”?

Well, I reply it depends on what you want to do. If you want to go white water rafting I wouldn’t recommend Brighton, however Edinburgh, Chester, North Wales or maybe Manchester if you don’t mind the drive.

If you want the best Quad Biking in the UK, then Newquay is the best place for your stag do to go to, the nightlife is pretty hot too.

If you you are looking for Rage Buggies then Bristol, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Bournemouth and Reading will cater for your stag do needs adequately.

If however you are looking for serious nightlife, full on lap dancing clubs, late night clubs and bars then Prague, Riga or Bratislava will feed you needs for parting hard.

If you want a quiet sleepy away from it all stag do, then North Wales is your destination of dreams.

Stag do ideas for the adrenalin fuelled enthusiast

Most stag dos include enough booze to float a small ship however most stag parties want something memorable, competitive and exciting. So I have compiled a few of DesignaVentures most popular activities to help you out in creating your most memorable stag do.

On the competitive side of things there are loads of activities you can include in your stag weekend:

Indoor Karting seems to be the top competitive motorsport where the boys can race around a track head to head on several levels designed to get the best out of your racing skills. All karts have onboard computers which will not only tell you who has won but also your average speed and fastest lap. Most tracks will also give you a print out of all your stats, keeping the stat fans happy!!

Then there is Paintball, if you dreamt and played war when you were a kid then this is as close as it gets. Real paintballs will give away if you have been shot so a good plan with the boys before you set off will give you a good chance of winning and not getting shot! Despite what people say it doesn’t hurt that much and I am speaking from experience.

5 a side football may not be adrenaline fuelled but it is certainly energetic and competitive. Most stag groups will have many footballers in the group who will love nothing better then to have a kick around before a big night out. This is a great Friday afternoon activity and a bad Sunday morning idea!

Clay Pigeon Shooting is a sport for the country pursuit enthusiast however many stag dos love this activity for it’s competitive edge and the fact that you are using real guns that make a hell of a noise. Don’t worry all shooting grounds include earplugs, protective glasses and instruction.

If you are looking for something energetic and adrenalin fuelled then the following will not let you down:

Coasteering is done very well in Cornwall, with its rugged coastline and deep pools making it ideal for cliff jumping / tomb stoning done professionally. All specialised clothing is provided including wet suit, helmet and buoyancy aid. You are then taken by instructors who know the coastline like the back of their hands to start from small jumps into deep pools ending up with massive jumps as high as a Victorian house!

White Water Rafting will certainly get your blood rushing as you paddle down stream avoiding rock boulders and hitting the water where its frothing like an outraged dog. Again all specialised clothing and equipment is included and I feel the best location is in Scotland, but if you feel this is too far for you then North Wales is an excellent alternative.

Rage Buggies may not be very competitive although there is a competitive element to the session, but boy can they go fast and whilst you slide your buggy around a mud track at speeds of around 50mph, adrenalin will flow through your blood stream like lava out of a very angry volcano.

These are just some of the great activities DesignaVenture organise every day, for a full list go to http://www.designaventure.co.uk/stagandhenactivities_day_activities.php

Quad Biking takes off

Most stag dos and some hen parties are looking for an activity that will give them thrills, excitement, speed, adrenalin and let s face it mud!

Well this year DesignaVenture has noticed their quad biking activity really taking off with a large number of our groups opting for Quad Biking over Hovercrafting, Rage Buggies and that all time favourite stag do activity, Paintball.

Quad Biking is so versatile and if you have booked one of DesignaVenture’s extreme trekking safari’s you can really feel at one with the bike, taking on all sorts of terrain including deep gulley’s full of water and mud, through woods, up steep banks, across streams and flat out on level fields.

These treks are not nature trials and not for the faint hearted hence why they are such a huge attraction to DesignaVenture’s stag parties.

They also offer quad biking sites where you can race each other in head to head matches. Some of these venues including Bristol and Newquay you can really get the bike off the ground and swing the quad round chicanes making sure you look the business.

If all this sounds too much there is always Cup Cake Decorating and afternoon tea in London!