Revenge Will Be Sweet

So Prince Harry has announced that his brother will be his best Man in a month’s time when he gets married to Meghan Markle.

When Prince William was quizzed by BBC reporters on how he felt about being best man, the future king of England said “revenge will be sweet!”.

So to help him out, here are some stag do prank ideas we have mustered up from our Stag Do Blog archives, so he can put his money where his mouth is and prank him a good-un!

Top 10 Stag Do Pranks

Stag Do Pranks – The Stitch Up Stories

One thing that we are pondering about is why he wants to get revenge, what did Prince Harry do to Prince William when he was his best man?

To be honest in those days, Harry was a wild dude, so the mind boggles!

I think we should be proud of William and Harry, they are totally personable and work hard for good causes – wow we are getting deep here.

Good luck Harry, sounds like you’re going to need it!

Prince Harry Offers To Buy A Pub ON A Stag Do

According to an online Mirror article, whilst on a Stag Do, Prince Harry loved the Maritime Inn, in Devon so much he offered to buy the pub from landlady, Pat Sedon.

The prince was enjoying a stag do with his mates when he visited this quirky pub in Brixham, he was having such a great time he offered to buy the pub from the landlady who was only to pleased to offer him the pub for £650,000!

He quickly withdrew his offer and told her he only had £6.50 in his pocket.

She was impressed with the stag group and said they all behaved themselves wonderfully.

The Prince is currently promoting a Paralympics-style event for wounded service personnel. The Invictus Games will be held in London in September, we would like to take this opportunity to wish the games an extremely successful event.