Booking Last Minute? Here’s Something Of Interest

Sometimes booking early is simply not an option and we understand this at DesignaVenture.

We know that whether you’re booking a stag do, hen party or an activity break trying to get time off work or getting money out of the group can hinder you from booking early, well don’t worry people DesignaVenture are masters of getting you in late, plus we can really help you collect the money in.


You don’t need to get your hands dirty, just get your smart phone or lap top out and share the link we send you, that way every member of your group can click on the link and pay, and every time someone pays you’ll get a notification.

You can share this link by email, WhatsApp, Messenger, or whatever platform you prefer.

Alternatively, go into your membership area of our website and you can share your booking from there, you will need everyone’s email address to do this.


It’s simple, we’ll just cancel the people off that haven’t paid and no extra cost to you.*


Let us worry about the availability, we manage to get 99% of all our groups booked into their chosen destination. That’s the great thing about booking through DesignaVenture, we have the contacts, know-how and patience to make sure your break happens and goes off with a bang, and we would say that’s pretty important when booking a stag do, hen weekend, birthday break or activity adventure!

*Some activities may need a minimum number, we will make you aware of this at time of booking.

Booking Last Minute?

Whether you’re booking a last minute stag do, hen party, birthday celebration, activity day or adventure weekend, DesignaVenture can help you make it happen.

Booking a small or large group is not easy especially, when booking last minute, you may struggle with:

  • Getting people to pay or commit
  • Sorting out an activity site or hotel
  • Getting the information to the group so they know where they are going and what they are doing

That’s where DesignaVenture comes in….

Payment & Commitment

When booking late, DesignaVenture can help you round up the troops and get them to commit. Once you have booked we can send you a link via text or email for you to pass on to the guys so they can click and pay.

Every time someone pays you will receive an update.

We recommend you do not pay for anyone you do not know or trust, especially within 4 weeks of travel.

 Sorting Your Itinerary

DesignaVenture have thousands of providers all around the world, so when booking last minute, we will work hard to make sure your stag weekend, hen party or activity break gets off the ground.

Simply drop us an email or call us on 01432 830000 with your requirements and we will get to work.

Information Is King

When booking a celebratory one-off weekend, things must go to plan.  No one wants a visit from Mr Cockup!

DesignaVenture will make sure everything is booked as requested with a triple checking admin system run by our well trained admin team, and not by computers.

We will then send you out a PDF by email (hard copy in the post if requested) which you can forward on to everyone in the group, so everyone knows where to go, when to get there and what you’re up to – simple!

For further details on how we can help you create a last minute day, night or weekend call us on 01432 830000.

Book That Last Minute Event With Ease

We are now hitting last minute territory and loads of best men and chief Bridesmaids are franticly crawling the net looking for that last minute stag do or hen party.

We feel so strongly that we can help you arrange that special weekend with no fuss and stress to you, we have dedicated a special page to help you get started.

For a last minute stag do start here

Alternatively, go here if you have a last minute hen party to arrange.

We will then get to work and make your celebratory weekend a reality, you can then ride the hen or stag do wave in true heroic style.

Looking For A Quick Getaway?

When the sun is shining in the UK there is no better place to be, and one of the best places to have your last minute celebration whether you’re on a hen or stag do is Bournemouth.

The beach in Bournemouth is clean, the water is clear and the weather on this south coast is usually the hottest in the UK, recent temperatures have hit 30 degrees Celsius.

So you just need to pack your bucket and spade, frisbee, bat and ball and head to the south coast.

But hold on, all the hotels are fully booked, how can I get my hen or stag party down there?

Well luckily that’s where DesignaVenture come’s in, we have a list of hotels as long as both your arms and both your dangly legs. All we need to know is when you want to go, how many people and for how long we can then find you a hotel quicker then then you can say “I DON’T LIKE SALT ON MY CHIPS”.

At night once you have creamed your sunburnt bodies Bournemouth has some fantastic restaurants, bars and clubs with an atmosphere good enough to cuddle making it one of the best destination for your hen or Stag do, especially when the weather is so fine.

Stag Do Ideas For The Rest Of The Summer

Stag Do Ideas Beers

Summer is upon us at last, and by now many bestmen up and down the country will be nervously looking for some Stag Do Ideas and inspiration thinking; they may have left it to late.

Don’t worry my friends (I hope you don’t think I am being over familiar), DesignaVenture are at hand to help you out of your sticky situation.

We have a highly trained customer service team who are used to laid back bestmen wanting ideas quickly and at a good price.

The best place to start is on the stag do ideas page on our website.

On this page you will find links to various help pages including Got a Budget, The Last Minute Stag Do Panic Button, and Stag Dos Under £100.

Also on this Stag do ideas page you will find excess to all our popular stag destinations, activities and more importantly a lovely picture of a lap dancer from Spearmint Rhinos.

Let’s face it, leaving booking your Stag do until the very last minute isn’t the brightest of moves but you are in this situation all the same, aBooking a large group of lads into a hotel can be difficult, however if you leave it to DesignaVenture they will call all their stag friendly hotels (ranging from standard to 4 star, depending on your budget) and will save your bacon.

You can then pretend you had the whole Stag do heavily planned months before!

Last Minute UK Stag Do

Big news people, May 2013 is going be a scorcher, apparently it’s not going to rain for the whole month of May, so if you haven’t booked your Stag Do yet, now is the time.

You are going to see popular stag do destinations such as Bournemouth, Bristol, Newquay and Nottingham basking in sunshine or unlike last year, dry!

There is plenty of late availability around and as you are booking so late, if you are having trouble getting the money out of all the lads why not try our individual payment service*.

In the stag do section of the DesignaVenture website why not try out our last minute enquiry form, or if you are working to a budget try the budget finder also found on the Stag Do Home page.

So if you need to book a last minute Stag Do let DesignaVenture share the load so you can take all the credit, we don’t mind!

*Lead person books and pays for 2 people, we then give you a unique reference number and a set deadline and group members can either call up or go online and pay. Please note that there is a £2 per payment transaction charge for this service.

Summer Is Coming, Quick Book Your Last Minute Stag Do

The weather in the UK is about to take a turn for the good and if you haven’t booked your UK stag do yet; best get your skates on.

It’s all over the UK news websites, apparently the much talked about jet stream is shifting northwards binging in warm air from the continent and directing low pressure further north.

So if you haven’t booked for the end of July or August it’s best you book your last minute stag do now, before it gets too booked up.

There is still availability in coastal resorts such as Bournemouth and Newquay so you can head to the beach or do some fantastic coastal stag do activities such as Coasteering or Jet skiing.

If you want to keep it close to home a stag do in Reading or Bristol with or without loads of activities is also a great idea.

Head North to North Wales for some fantastic adventure activities or get yourself to Nottingham or Newcastle for some mad nights out.

I hope the weathermen are blowing hot air as I think you will all agree it’s our turn to get some decent sunshine.

Last Minute stag Do

Everyone knows that trying to organise a stag do sometimes is like herding cats.

If you are currently in the predicament of trying to organise a last minute stag weekend with people not committing or returning your calls then may I chuck an idea your way.

Book the people which have confirmed and want to give you money and leave the rest to sort themselves out and when they are ready they will call, especially when they hear it’s booked and Dave is going!

Popular locations such as Bournemouth, Newquay, Brighton and Bristol all sell out quite quickly but then have late availability due to cancelations and group’s dropping their numbers late on.

DesignaVenture currently have availability for busy weekends in June, July and August so get your skates before the stag activity or accommodation you want sells out.

They can also advise you alternative activities if you find your chosen activities are fully booked. The DesignaVenture Team want to help you arrange a fantastic memorable stag weekend and will try their very best to get you availability.

Stag Dos Head to the Beach in June 2011

There is no denying that the UK is currently going through a small drought and the weather men are even predicting a boiling hot June and July.

So what do we Brits do when the sun is hot, we head to the beach.

Bournemouth has 7 miles of glorious white sandy beaches which have a European Blue flag awarded to them for clean water and beaches.

So a Bournemouth Stag Do makes sense, but the beach is not the only attraction to this fantastic seaside town.

Activity sites have popped up all around Dorset offering some of the best activities known to stags.

These activities include Rage Buggies, Quad Bikes, Paintball, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Surfing, Banana Boat Rides, Zorbing to name but a few.

After a heavy day of burning adrenalin, the Bournemouth nightlife is electric with most bars and clubs raving on until the early morning.

You then have Sunday to hit the beach, sunbathe and rest your sleep depraved bodies before going home to reality.

So if you haven’t already booked your stag party for June or July, Bournemouth is definitely a great choice for a last minute stag do.