Zayn’s Off To Vegas For Stag

The internet is frantic with news stories on Zayn Malik’s up and coming stag do, Zayn Malik is in One Direction and is engaged to Perrie Edwards from Little Mix.

The 1D boys were being interviews by an OK reporter when Niall Horan from the band blurted out that they are planning to take Zayn to Vegas.

Las Vegas is the mecca for British stag dos and American bachelor nights and even if your in the world’s biggest boy band and the world is your oyster, Las Vegas is still the destination of choice.

Remember a couple of years ago when Marvin from JLS was wandering around Vegas with a midget handcuffed to him?

We want to wish Zayn and Perrie all the luck in the world with their up and coming ceremony, when are they getting married anyway?

JLS Muscle Out On Stag Do

According to a Daily Mail recent article the JLS boys are on a Stag Do in Spain, stripped off and are looking more rippled than a the Mediterranean Sea!

Hanging out at pool bars and drinking Champagne these boys sure know how to party and that’s just in the day.

If you’re a hen, check out the article you will love the images, if you are a stag, I wouldn’t bother if I was you, especially if you have a body complex!

JB Gills is due to marry Chloe his fiancé this year and may go into farming following other pop stars including Reni from the Stone Roses and Alex James from Blur.

We would like to wish JB and his new fiancé all the best for the wedding and future.

JLS Stag Do Moves On To Miami

The JLS Stag Do as it’s named in the tabloids has now moved on from Las Vegas to Miami.

They have been pictured partying on a yacht with bikini clad women, drinking and generally having a fantastic time.

Marvin is also pictured having a message from one of the girls but I think Rochelle has nothing to worry about, as he actually looked quite awkward.

So to stop this stag do news blog sounding like a gossip magazine the boys look like they are having the mother of all stag dos.

Partying it up in Las Vegas, then moving on to a yacht in Miami, a stag do fit for a king.

We would like to wish Marvin and Rochelle all the luck in the world.

Marvin Humes and a 5 Cent Dwarf

JLS have kicked off their marathon 8 day stag do in true American Bachelor style by handcuffing the Groom To Be, Marvin Humes to a dwark called 5 cent.

They arrived at a classy hotel in Las Vegas, the American Stag Do capital with Marvin dressed in a bikini T-shirt.

They then added further embarrassment to Marvin by handcuffing him to a stag party favourite dwarf, 5 cent and then hitting the town.

The group and their friends have been seen by the pool relaxing and posing for group shots and generally having a great time.

Oritse is the main stag do organiser, orchestrating the stag do pranks and according to a national tabloid he has brought with him a goodie bag to embarrass pore Marvin even more.

There will probably more stag do stories from this sensational 8 day stag do in America so watch this space.

Marvin Humes’ 007 Stag Do

According to the press and they are rife at the moment when it comes to the JLS stag do, it’s seems to be the wedding of the year, Martin Humes’ stag do is being organised by a former MI5 operative.

In previous DesignaVenture blogs we mentioned that Marvin was going to have a no expense spared stag do by private jet to America, taking in Miami and Las Vegas and possibly other Cities favourite d by the band.

According to the tabloids the stag do organiser is a former MI5 operative giving him the 007 credentials. Well if this man turns out to be more MFI then MI5, they should consider giving DesignaVenture a call.

DesignaVenture organise stag weekends away by private jet and have a humongous amount of experience organising stag dos all over the world, enough said.