Another Celebrity Stag Do, Another Dwarf

Jamie Lomas has joined the celebrity stag do elite by geting handcuffed to a dwarf for 24 hours whilst on his stag do.

If you remember a couple of months ago Marvin from JLS was handcuffed to a dwarf in Las Vegas.

Approximately 5 years ago pictures immerged online of a stag handcuffed to a blue dwarf whilst on his stag weekend in Spain.

Ever since then we at DesignaVenture towers have had lots of phones calls asking if we hire out dwarfs (which we don’t for the record).
Now with celebrities getting involved this is going to fuel the trend.

If you didn’t know who Jamie Lomas is, he is about to get married to Kym Marsh who was in the Popstars band Hearsay, but is now a fantastic actor in Coronation Street.

He is also an actor, in or was in Hollyoaks.

We would like to wish them all the best for the future.