Bristol Stag Do

What can I expect to do on a Bristol stag do?

Well, I am glad you asked BLOOMING LOADS!

From racing karts and Rage Buggies to drinking and tasting cider, It’s a knockout to Canyoning (obviously not in the centre of Bristol), shooting clays to smithereens to laughing your nuts off at a Comedy Club.

At DesignaVenture in Bristol we only deal with 4 star hotels including full breakfast so from our Bristol stag do packages you only expect best, and that’s how we like to keep it.

All our hotels are also walking distance from the bars, clubs and lap dancing venues unless your in stilettos, well the fancy dress is getting more elaborate these days!

I suppose for me Bristol has everything, like London but without the traffic.

Bristol Stag Weekends May Need A Different Currency

Soon Stag Weekends to Bristol will be needing to take a trip to the foreign exchange before travelling to this West Country city due to Bristol getting it’s own currency.

Over 100 traders have signed up to the Bristol pound, from bakeries to more importantly restaurants and bars. Luckily they will also be excepting the good old Bristish pound so stag groups needn’t panick!

The Bristol pound exchange rate is fairly simple and you won’t need Carol Vauderman to work it out as it’s; one Bristol pound is worth exactly one Bristish pound.

According to the BBC Website “the Bristol Pound will be printed in notes, and also traded electronicly”.

So, the next time you book a stag do to Bristol see if you can fill up your stag kitty with Bristol Pounds, as it may help their local economy and it’s also a bit of fun too.

Get Your Bristols Out For The Stags

If you take offence from blogs talking about lap dancing clubs then what are you doing reading stag do news and possibly it’s best not to read on.

A Bristol stag do is spoilt for choice if lap dancing is firmly on the itinerary as it houses some of the best fully nude lap dancing clubs in England.

And if that is not enough, Hooters has set up shop ready for stag parties with open arms and low top crops.

Walking around Bristol on a Saturday night wanting to get your stag a lap dance you will have a pick of 4 lap dancing clubs all within easy walking distance of each other, so if you don’t think too much about one of the clubs move on, they’re all open until 4 / 5am so there’s plenty of time.

And if lap dancing is not your thing you can easily avoid these clubs and get down to some serious partying in one of Bristol’s many banging nightclubs.

So with or without a gentleman’s club you are definitely guaranteed a banging time on your Bristol stag do.

Bristol Stag Dos Really Rock

Stag dos in Bristol really do have the cream of the crop.

The hotels in the city centre are plush, great value for money and give stag parties exceptional service.

Activities in Bristol are phenomenal, whether you’re a motor head, paintball crazy or love the cider, there’s an activity that will suit your group.

The town centre has had a face lift so get yourself down the waterside for the bars, restaurants and clubs or stay in the city centre for the comedy club, great pubs, bars and lap dancing clubs.

I have just bigged up Bristol, if you have been there and want to try something different have you considered Bournemouth?

Check this article out Bournemouth is a Peach.