Sin City For Ant & Dec’s Stag Do

Ant and Dec have been spotted in Las Vegas on a mate’s Stag Do just before they picked up their National Television awards.

They were spotted cruising the infamous Las Vegas strip before eating at Gordon Ramsay’s Burgr restaurant which is in the Planet Hollywood Casino.

The popular pair was also papped playing golf and where also joined by fellow celeb Jonathan Wilkes.

Some people are saying Dec is getting inspiration for his up and coming inevitable stag weekend, however if he’s in need of inspiration he needs to head over to the DesignaVenture website, stag do section, where he’ll find loads of inspiration, activities and ideas for the best stag do known to man, in fact what am I thinking it should be Ant heading over to our website as there’s no doubt who will be Dec’s best man!

The above details are courtesy of an article on the Daily Mail website, you also find loads of great pics of the lads having a great time.

Ant & Dec’s Stag Do Plans for Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell final ties the knot with girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy later this year. Those cheeky chaps, Ant and Dec have apparently already said that if they get the chance to add their input for Simon’s stag do they want to take him on a raucous stag night around London and are threatening to strip the music mogul and handcuff him to a lamppost.

Declan Donnelly told TV Biz: “We’d take him around London I think – and he’d have to end up handcuffed to a lamppost somewhere.”

He also said that they would not be taking Simon to a strip club as part of the stag event as “He goes to them most weekends anyway!”

Ant added that they would be very disappointed if they were not involved in any of the stag do arrangements. Simon Cowell’s brother Tony recently claimed that there would be four separate wedding ceremonies taking place in LA, Brighton, Barbados and Hollywood.