Rochelle From The Saturdays Has Her Hen Party

After loads of stories from the now infamous JLS stag do, well Marvin Hume’s they are all not getting married, Rochelle from the Saturday’s has her hen party and her chosen destination was well ummm.. Tring.

There is nothing wrong with Tring in fact it’s a fantastic place for a spa weekend however, Marvin’s was by private jet to Las Vegas and Miami for a week!!

Contrary to what we think hen parties do at spa resorts it wasn’t all just pamper and relaxing they even had a Zumba class to shift the calories from all the champagne they drunk or should of drunk.

Well we at DesignaVenture salute Rochelle for having the hen party she wants and wishes her and Marvin the very best for their wedding day.

Mankini Banned From Popular Stag Do Destination

We have just had news from one of our providers who has their ear pressed closely to the ground that the stag favourite fancy dress item which doesn’t leave much to the imagination has now been banned from Newquay.

The Mankini made famous by Borat has become the ultimate embarrassment fancy dress item to dress the stag up in.

The Police in Newquay have banned offensive clothing with the Mankini being under that category and already there has been many banned.

So if you are planning your stag weekend in Newquay and are wandering what to the dress the stag up in, maybe think twice about the Mankini.

Norwich Keepers Stag Do Went Off Without Him

John Ruddy Norwich’s goal keeper who has had a call up for the English Football Team for this Year’s Euros has told a reporter that his stag do took place without him.

According to a famous tabloid the stag do was meant to take place in Portugal with a couple of games of golf arranged, flights the lot and he couldn’t make it!
They even had stag do t-shirts made up with ‘John’s Stag Do’ on them!

The reason why he ditched his stag do is he is getting married days before the Euros which will mean he will have to cancel his honeymoon, so to make it up to his future wife he took her to Dubai instead, leaving his mate jilted at the airport.

He must know that a happy wife is a happy life!

Breaking News; according to this tabloid he is now out of the Euros due to breaking a finger, how ironic.

The New Stag Do Uniform

We have had the 118 guys, the stag dressed as The Top Gear Stig (which caused quite a stir), The Lycra Morph Suit for those who dared now you have the Olympic Torch Bearer.

The Olympic torch is currently being paraded around all the towns and cities of Britain, if you watched the news or click on to the BBC website you would have seen celebrities and the great people of this land bearing the torch in front of millions on lookers.

Take this theme on to your stag do and get the stag to carry the torch.

Dressed the main man all in white, preferably white tracksuit bottoms and a loose white polo shirt, the rest of stag party surround him as the torch bodyguards and his entourage.

Tour your popular stag destination and be the talk of the town, job done.

Ooh Aah Olympics

As the Olympic torch hits the streets of our popular stag do destination of Bristol, let’s take a look at the Bristolian’s answer to the Olympic games called the West Country Games.

Set in a massive grassy field 25 minutes south of Bristol not dissimilar to Mount Olympia this amazing venue holds what can only be described as Vicky Pollard’s ideal Olympic Games.

Games include Cider Run, Bristol Chavs and handbags, Pitchfork Duel, Welly Wanging (obviously), Wurzel Knockout, Tractor Tyre Rolling, Mangold Dangling and many more West Country themed classics.

Also included in this amazing stag activity is a typical West Country Picnic lunch which will of course include a pasties and cider.

The games will last for 3 hours, which again is similar to the proper Olympics if you condense it down and take out the sports you dont like!

So if you want a unqiue stag activity or weekend you cannot go wrong with the Ooh Aah Olypics / West Country Games, right now where did I put my pitchfork and pasty.

What Makes A Great Stag Do?

With the stag do season well and truly kicking off and many hundreds of thousands of partygoers hitting popular stag destinations worldwide, what makes a good stag do?

First and foremost your mates, everyone should be in good spirits and excited about a boys weekend away with their close buddies, so make sure they are all kept up to date with what’s going on and where you’re going as this will make everyone feel part of the group.

Lots to do in the day is also a good sign of a great stag weekend, if the guys want to drink all day you may find quite a few peaking by 4pm and not showing up for the evening’s entertainments, so try and book a stag daytime activity or two to keep the boys in check.

Bars and clubs booked for the evening will also help your stag do go off without a hiccup, the last thing you want to be doing is walking around a city at 10.30pm looking for a venue for your large group of lads to get into, so book your clubs and bars in advance.

Make sure the stag has a great weekend; after all he is the reason why you are celebrating.

Popular Stag Destinations – Reading

No I am not pulling your chain or your plonker for that matter, Reading really is a popular stag destination.

A town centre (Reading is still a town) full to the brim with lively and cool bars, a handful of great nightclubs, a gentleman’s club and a fantastic comedy club.

Eating out is also tastetastic experience with regular restaurant chains beside independents offering cuisine from around the world.

Reading is also easily accessible by train and the M4, which also helps you get out of Reading fast to one of many activity sites scattered around the M4 corridor.

Stag activities on offer near Reading are totally unique including Cardboard Boat Challenge, Bathtub Kart Racing, Segway Slalom, Motorised Beer Keg Racing to name just a few.

You also have the regular stag activities including Paintball, Rage Buggies, Hovercrafts, Quad Biking etc.

So if you are looking for a new stag destination, don’t brush past Reading, as may regret it.

JLS Stag Do Moves On To Miami

The JLS Stag Do as it’s named in the tabloids has now moved on from Las Vegas to Miami.

They have been pictured partying on a yacht with bikini clad women, drinking and generally having a fantastic time.

Marvin is also pictured having a message from one of the girls but I think Rochelle has nothing to worry about, as he actually looked quite awkward.

So to stop this stag do news blog sounding like a gossip magazine the boys look like they are having the mother of all stag dos.

Partying it up in Las Vegas, then moving on to a yacht in Miami, a stag do fit for a king.

We would like to wish Marvin and Rochelle all the luck in the world.

To All Budding Best Men

Depending on how the wedding is set up, usually the best man doesn’t have too many jobs, the speech, looking after the rings oh and arranging the stag do.

The stag do should be your first job as most of your tasks will be on the big day, so don’t let your best mate down by falling at the first hurdle.

Find out what he wants to do, where he wants to go and who he would like to attend and get on with it.

As they say ‘there is no time like the present’ (unless he is getting married in 2014, if that’s the case you have a bit of time!).

Don’t leave it to the last minute, as some people need to get time off work, save up and get the permission from their wags!!

Whatever you do, start as you mean to go on and grab the job of ‘arranging the best stag do known to man’ by the horns and give DesignaVenture a call.

It will probably the best call you will make all year, unless you have to call Camelot regarding your winning ticket, that is.

Marvin Humes and a 5 Cent Dwarf

JLS have kicked off their marathon 8 day stag do in true American Bachelor style by handcuffing the Groom To Be, Marvin Humes to a dwark called 5 cent.

They arrived at a classy hotel in Las Vegas, the American Stag Do capital with Marvin dressed in a bikini T-shirt.

They then added further embarrassment to Marvin by handcuffing him to a stag party favourite dwarf, 5 cent and then hitting the town.

The group and their friends have been seen by the pool relaxing and posing for group shots and generally having a great time.

Oritse is the main stag do organiser, orchestrating the stag do pranks and according to a national tabloid he has brought with him a goodie bag to embarrass pore Marvin even more.

There will probably more stag do stories from this sensational 8 day stag do in America so watch this space.