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Let’s get the hell out of lockdown

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The government has set its road map “to get the hell out of Covid”, with four steps, but as the very first step is predominantly based on getting schools back, we go straight to the 29th March 2021 for part 2 of step 1.

Step 1 (part 2) - not before 29th March 2021...

This is really for groups looking to go on an activity day, or small groups of the same bubble staying in self-catering accommodation.

All the activity sites we send you to will adhere to social distancing rules and already have COVID friendly procedures in place.

Step 2 - not before 12th April 2021...

Beer gardens will open! More activity sites will open; including sites which operate indoors.

Self-catering accommodation and campsites, where indoor facilities are not shared with other households, can also reopen.

Step 3 - not before 17th May 2021...

This is where we will see a significant change to the rules and you can gather in groups of 30 or less outdoors. Bars and restaurants can accept customers indoors (the rule of 6 applies), and the rest of the accommodation sector will re-open, including hotels, hostels and B&Bs.

The rule of 6 applies to indoors so this would be respected at all our venues.

Step 4 - not before 21st June 2021...

All legal limits on social contact hopefully removed and nightlife will re-open.

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Popular Questions & Answers

If the government puts back the dates due to a spike in infections and your activity site or hotel cannot open or take your group legally, then you have two choices; rebook another date free of charge with no admin fees, or cancel and receive a full refund.

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Yes, providing the activity is outdoors and is classed as a “formally organised outdoor sport”*.

Most sites these days are now Covid secure.

*Most of our activities come under the category of organised outdoor sports.

According to the government guidelines, to do an activity (formally organised outdoor sport) after the 12th April 2021, there are no restrictions for group sizes. It just gets a bit tricky when you stay in hotels or go to the pub.

The Rule of 6 will apply for beer gardens from 12th April to the 17th May 2021.

From the 17th May 2021, all hotels/accommodation, indoor pubs, bars and restaurants will be running the rule of 6 or 2 households. So, if you are a larger group and book a hotel, providing you strictly stay in bubbles of 6 or two households you will be sticking to the rules.

Please note; some hotels will only take a maximum of 6 people, other hotels will take larger groups but expect you to stay in bubbles of 6.

After the 21st June 2021… Happy days.

Nightclubs, according to the Government Road Map Out Of Lockdown, will not open before the 21st June 2021.

Should infections stay low and the vaccine work well, we expect that from the 21st June 2021, nightclubs and other night time venues will be bursting to open their doors!

If the government closes the country down when you are meant to be going on your break or activity day and you don’t want to choose a new date, we will of course refund. This can take up to 14 days, but no longer.

Over the whole pandemic we haven’t received one bad review  – Trustpilot Reviews

This topic is very fluid, even thought the road map has been set out by the British government, it hasn’t for other countries.

You have 2 things to consider before booking a stag do or hen party abroad:

  1. Will the UK government allow your to travel to that country.
  2. Will that country accept visitors from the UK

So our advice is to keep up to date with the UK Government’s Foreign Travel Advice or going on a UK based stag weekend or hen party.

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