Celebrities are queuing up to organise Simon Cowells stag do

It seems that every celebrity is queuing up to organise Simon Cowells stag party, according to the Star now Katy Perry is in the running and wants to team up with fellow X Factor judge Cheryl Cole to organise Simon’s stag do.

We recently advised you about first of all Ant and Dec wanting to organise the music tycoon’s stag night, then Amanda Holden and now Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole.

Katy Perry was in Kuala Lumpur when she reportedly stepped up to the mark and offered her services to become a great stag do organiser.

She told a reporter whilst filming for MTV World Stage Live “I know it’s not custom to have girls at your bachelor party but I know Cheryl and I could organise one that he would never forget. It wouldn’t exactly be a bad thing to have us both there, would it?”

She also told the reporter that Simon would probably become a dad very soon and said “I think he will make a great dad, I really do. People see Simon’s professional head on TV but that’s what it is, his professional head. Underneath he is a real softie. I think he is finally mellowing and would make a great family man.”

“I am not sure he will ever be a pipe and slippers man because he loves his work but I am convinced he will make a great dad and husband she added.”