Best UK Stag Destinations This Winter

Winter really is on it’s way, with the temperatures plummeting and the rain falling, is this such a great time to have a Stag Do?

First of all, hell yes! Winter is a great time to do some amazing activities where the old saying of the muddier, the better is used.

Around November, December you have the Christmas party season, so the nightlife is kicking and if you are looking to go in January or February, then it will give you something to look forward to after New Year’s.

But where should you go?

Don’t plan a stag destination too far from home, a latest survey run by DesignaVenture showed that the majority of groups in the winter months (November to February) chose to celebrate their stag destination 2 – 3 hours drive from their home.

So I would recommend Bristol, Nottingham, Bournemouth and Reading, they all have great motorway and dual carriageway connections which don’t tend to close should the weather decide to cover us in snow.

These fantastic lively stag destinations have amazing nightlife and some pretty cool activities and out of season you can bag yourself a bargain.

Take a look at our stag do special offers page, which has some corking out of season packages and great prices.

Go British On Your Next Stag Do

The British economy is flagging, people are loosing their jobs and everything seems stagnated.

Well there is one way of geting the econmy back on it’s feet and that’s by staying in Britain on your next stag do.

Why spend you hard earned cash abroad when you can make life better for you and all your neighbours by spending it in Britain.

The UK has some of the best stag do activities available and the best nightclubs and music, we are trend setters.

In America the saying “Buy American” is huge, with dedicated websites helping consumers find products that are made in America.

So let’s start a trend people, start coining the phrase “Buy British” and the next time you have a stag do to book, Go British.