If You’re Going To Jump, Do It Properly!

Canyoning Instructor giving the thumbs upAt 1.30am last Saturday morning in Manchester, a twenty two year old man, had been out on a Stag Do all day.

It was a very hot day and he decided to jump from 6 metres into the River Medlock and broke his ankle as the river was only three inches high.

Full story can be found here.

First of all, we are glad to hear he only broke his ankle and wish him the best for his recovery, secondly we would like to offer him and his stag group 10% off Canyoning, once his ankle gets better that is!

Not only will he be taught which parts of the river to jump into, he will also have a fantastic day of adrenalin and banter making it an amazing Stag Do memory.

Go to our Canyoning page for details, we offer this fantastic stag activity in North and South Wales and also up in Scotland.

On a hot sunny day and after a belly full of ale the last place you should be is jumping into a river, just keeping it real people.

Bubble Football Is A Real Winner

Playing Bubble FootballStep aside 5 a side football, stag dos have an all new unique activity which is proving to be a big hit for 2014; Bubble Football.

Using indoor or outdoor football pitches, strap on a huge ball (similar to a Zorb, but much smaller) and get ready to dive into tackles, run like a pregnant teenager and bounce off your mates as you try and score that all important goal.

Goal celebratory hugs are going to be difficult, but worth a try!

We can offer this fantastic stag do activity in most UK destinations, currently our top stag destinations are Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Nottingham, Cardiff and Torquay.

So for a unique stag activity, which is great value and right laugh, book the bubble football with DesignaVenture.

Just Jump

If you want a stag do with adrenalin and excitement then include a stag activity where all you have to do is Just Jump.

Take Coasteering, an activity for the Adrenalin Junkies and includes jumps from 5ft ledges all the way to 60 foot jumps, ouch.

If that sounds like your bag and can’t get to the coast, Canyoning is a great inland replacement with similar height jumps into deep water but also the added benefit of beautiful scenery and waterfalls.

If you prefer to be attached, go bridge jumping whilst on your stag do in Bratislava or Prague. You are attached to a bungee cord and jumping off a platform in front of your mates, there is no better feeling.

So if you have a stag who wants to assert man hood whilst on his stag do, book an activity where he puts his money where is mouth is.

Indoor Karting A Perfect Stag Activity For Any Weather

All you have to do is look outside your window and it feels like it’s been raining for months, it’s only been weeks, I promised.

However, if you don’t like getting wet on your stag do then indoor karting is the perfect stag activity.

Depending on which track you go to you usually find over 10 karts racing head to head with onboard computers giving fastest lap, average speed and number of laps data – so there’s no cheating!

Most tracks also run heats, with semi finals and a final for winners and losers so you’ll get the full podium finish with bubbly and possibly a load of banter from the other stag party members.

Indoor karting is a great stag activity whatever the weather, a stag do is also a great place for competitive soles to get their competition fix.

2012 Sees The Stag Do Man Up!

Well it’s very clear that we Brits are a nation of action men. Jason Statham, Daniel Craig and Bear Grylls move over, the real heroes are clear to see from our latest stag do research here at DesignaVenture.

They have seen an incredible 20% increase for stag parties wanting daredevil activities that send them scaling heights, leaping off cliffs, navigating wild water and honing their survival techniques. What’s going on? Do some of you know of some global disaster that is going to strike when you might need to know these skills? Well, some do say that the world will end in 2012, so even if it’s just ticking off amazing things to do before you die, you’re certainly giving the SAS a run for their money.

Stag activities in these hard man categories include Canyoning; where you might trapeze across a river, traverse rock walls, dip behind waterfalls and discover dark caves and deep deep water pools. Obviously this is not a city centric pastime, you’ll be in rugged countryside like Wales, Scotland or even Valencia in Spain.

Coasteering will take your stag do down south to the Cornish Riviera, better known as Newquay. Recklessly throwing yourselves off cliffs, scaling rock walls at sea level and generally doing anything that makes you scream inside – and sometimes out!

Cliff jumping – need we say more. If your stag do is lacking a bit of hyperventilation, this will send you wild. Think Canyoning but a bit higher. Will you have the guts to actually jump? With the water below you to break your fall, we guarantee your next words will be ‘AGAIN, AGAIN!!’ or possibly, ‘Anyone got a clean wet suit?’

If you prefer to be in a vessel when you’re doing something wet and wild, then White Water Rafting will still give you that danger factor, but at least there’s something extra to keep you afloat and to hang on to. And the object of this is to stay out of the water, not jump in. Roaring along the UK’s, or alternatively the Baltic states’, most exciting river runs, your stag do will have a very bumpy ride that will make you ignore the log flume at the theme park forever more.

Back on terra firma, a Bushcraft session in South Wales can easily expand your stag night into a whole weekend. If you can’t boil an egg at home, you’ll soon be able to do way more, including man’s greatest ever achievement, making fire. If you see your night getting a bit Blair Witch, at least you’ll have learned some survival skills to get you through.

Yes gentlemen, non of this mamby-pamby lightweight stag partying for you. It’s balls out, heart stopping, air punching activities all the way.

Wales is a Stag Do Activity Mecca

If your into stag do activities no matter what they are, Wales pretty much covers all bases.

If you want adrenalin fuelled fun then North Wales has some of the best white water rafting in the UK and some of the best gorge scrambling money can buy.

If you are looking for petrol fuelled fun South Wales has some great karting venues with one of the most popular circuits in the centre of Cardiff, walking distance from your hotel.

Head to the hills for some of the best quad trekking in Europe, with the terrain for perfect quad conditions the thrill is certainly in the ride.

So if stag do activities float your bag, get onto the DesignaVenture website and book your next stag event in Wales.

Paintball Is Not Everyones Cup Of Tea

Paintball may not be everyones cup of tea but have you actually had a go?

What is there not to like? Especially as a stag do activity.

Sorry to ask so many questions at the start but I am shocked people turn their noses up at such a brilliant activity, it may seem old hat ‘not trendy’ but let me tell you something, it sure does blow the cobwebs out of your every day mundane life.

Running through ambushes, gun in hand, shooting at anything that moves and succeeding in winning your team the game, this is as exciting as it gets.

The whole of the stag party can get involved, no standing around waiting for your go, become an integral part of the plan to win.

Strategically place small fragments of your stag party on different missions giving you the space to take or one or two people out before stealing their base, a little planning goes a long way.

Go Gorge Walking On Your Stag Do

Gorge Walking has a number of names including canyoning, Gorge Scrambling, Cliff jumping, but they all mean a the same thing; a full on fantastic stag do activity.

After being fitted out with wet suits, buoyancy aids and helmets (all included) you will be ready for your briefing by the river bank.

Once you have had a full safety briefing get ready to tackle some fast flowing water, climb some sheer rock faces, walk behind waterfalls and jump into deep pools.

If all of that is not enough for your stag party, there is a jump at the end of your session which will sort out the puppies from the big dogs, no peer pressure though.

So if you are pondering over what to do on your stag do, Gorge Walking is definitely a good place to start.

Gorge Walking is available in North Wales, South Wales (including Bristol) and Scotland.

A good alternative to Gorge Walking is Coasteering in Newquay.

Why are stag activities so popular?

These days stag dos with some sort of activity in the day is the norm.

Why have we gone from just getting lashed down the local boozer to this more celebratory style event?

Most grooms / stags actually want to remember their weekend or night away, so drinking all day is not an option.

So what do most men do together if drink is not involved? They want to bond over some sort of activity or event, show off, get muddy and let their hair down its simple really.

Hence why the stag activity weekend was created and activities such as Canyoning / Gorge walking, Paintball, Quad Biking, Rage Buggies etc. have become extremely popular.

This is not every grooms cup of tea, you don’t have to get muddy and smelling of petrol to stay out the pub – however this is the most popular way of keeping all the boys entertained and off the licker.

Stag Parties absolutely love Riga

Where? I hear you ask, what’s so special about Riga then? Is it somewhere I should be holding my stag do?

Well let me enlighten you, Riga is the capital of Latvia 2 hours north east of the UK During the summer months it’s hot and in the winter it’s bloody freezing.

In answer to your second question, a pint of premium lager or beer is just £1.50. But that’s not all, stag dos love Riga because of what the city has to offer.

Fantastic activities, which include bobsleigh, quad biking, karting, firearms shooting – yes real guns including hand guns and pump action shot guns, chilling on yachts with some beers, snowmobile safari, guided bar crawls….the list goes on and on check out DesignaVenture’s stag activities in Riga page for a summary of what’s what in Riga.

Riga’s hospitality is also second to none, when you book a stag package through DesignaVenture you will be picked up from the airport by your groups personal female guide, who will escort you on all your activities and excursions that you book.

You guide will help you cover every inch of the amazing nightlife in Riga, ensuring that you do not miss out on the best bars, pubs and clubs. Like the London Cabbies ~ they have the knowledge.

In answer to your third question, YES – So book Riga for 2011, give DesignaVenture a call with any questions you may have they give great stag do advice, support and great customer care!