Wedding Tackle Exposed on Stag Do

A stag do from Bradley Stoke, Bristol have been caught with their trousers down whilst on their sea fishing stag activity weekend near Swansea.

The Mumbles Head coast guard spotted the naked stag party on a boat and thought something fishy was going on so asked a passing RAF helicopter to take a closer look.

Mark Thomas the skipper from the fishing vessel told a report from this is South Wales “There were 20 stags and 10 of them went on my boat, and the rest went on one of the other boats, I went to do something, and I turned around and somebody had dropped their shorts. The T-shirts then came off and they all egged each other on to take all their clothes off. I saw a helicopter hovering above us, and then they dropped a smoke flare into the water. The lads were jumping up and down, waving and having a good laugh. It was all good fun. They were like it for more than an hour-and-a-half and were well behaved. They did invite me to join in, but it was a bit chilly for me!

“I have had people taking their tops, off but I have never had anybody doing the full Monty on my boat before he added.”

Nick Woore the best man from the stag group said, “It was pretty much a spur of the moment thing. We decided to drop anchor and do some fishing. The skipper went into his room and we thought we would surprise him when he came out. We were all naked when the helicopter came over us. What started off as a quiet fishing trip with a few beers turned into naked madness.”

“It was one of the best fishing trips we have ever had, and we have some very memorable moments — many of which will come out in my best man’s speech, I’m sure he added.”

They carried on larking around on the beach after the fishing trip, cooking the Mackerel they caught on the beach and skinny-dipping, before get dressed up as sportsmen and heading to the infamous Wind Street in Swansea to continue there antics. Mr Lloyd is getting married to Catherine Ferguson in Cyprus in September.

We wish them good luck but advise them not to carry on their naked trend in Cyprus, the locals may not be so keen to see their wedding tackle.