The best stag do game

Football is the beautiful game, most people would agree however stag do games will have you all in stitches, make you incredibly enthusiastic and will usually make you fairly drunk (drinking responsibly that is).

The best stag do game in my mind is Chicken Run.

What are the rules?

“OK I am just getting to that, keep your tights on!!!”


You dress the stag up as a chicken, the more embarrassing the costume, the better.

You also give the stag the kitty and 40 minutes to hide – he has to find a pub / bar or club, sit at the bar or table and drink as much of the kitty as possible.

After 40 minutes, the stag group then must split into teams and go and search for the chicken I mean the stag, before he drinks the kitty dry.

No one can drink a single drop until they find the stag, the teams that find him can start drinking from the kitty, the game ends when the whole group is united.

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