The best stag activities to do in the Snow

Its wintertime in stag do news land, and we are 8 days away from Christmas and would you believe there is snow on the ground. Weather forecasters have said that this spell of cold weather could last well into 2011.

We could still have snow on the ground in February, March and even April, so what activities would be best to book for my stag do, I hear you ask?

Well first of all I need to sort these voices out in my head and then get to work with some suggestions.

My first suggestion is quad bikes, an old favourite and an ideal candidate. These machines were built for this weather and will rip through snow, ice, water and mud like a hot knife through butter.

The second suggestion I have for you is would you believe, Hovercrafts! These machines are excellent fun on compacted snow and will keep going all day long.

White water rafting sounds freezing and would be the obvious choice of not what to do, but just imagine shooting down river in beautiful countryside covered in crispy white snow, with proper white water frothing all around you. Don’t worry you will have wetsuits to keep you nice and toastie we are in the 21st Century.

Paintball is an obvious choice and also a good one, the bullets will hurt a little more then they usually do but wow hiding in a snowy scene is virtually impossible, so making the games a lot more fun for the trigger happy stags.

We haven’t mentioned karts yet, because they are simply awful on snow, but you still have the indoor karts, which will never get affected.

Whatever the weather a spokesman from DesignaVenture advised me that their staff can advise you on which activities will be running, information on daylight hours (its gets dark very early in the winter months especially in Scotland) and suitable alternatives should you activities get cancelled.

“Its so hard to get everyone on a weekend so you don’t want anything to get in your way, we keep the party going is, this is our forte”, he added.