Low Cost Wedding Dry Run

An innovative Cornish company has come up with the unique idea of a wedding vending machine and it’s received global interest called AutoWed.

By popping just £1 into the vending machine your wedding will start – First you get played an original version of the wedding march before quickly getting down to the nitty gritty of the wedding; “press 1 for I do, or press 2 to escape”.

You then get two plastic rings and a receipt for your counterfeit wedding.

The vending machine itself is a mixture between a Cadillac and a parking meter, not my interpretation but the description from the Cornish company who invented this quirky device, Concept Shed’s.

The machine has had lots of interest from companies as far away as Russia and Brazil after a video was posted on YouTube.

Our take on this is to get yourselves down to Cornwall, get married by AutoWed and live together for six months. If the dry run goes well book the stag do, the church or the beach and go legal.

Another fantastic idea from the Stag Do specialists DesignaVenture.