Riga Is Ruddy Brilliant

After a 3 day stag do style tour of Riga and taking part in some fantastic activities, the DesignaVenture sales team have returned back happy, tired and well a bit hungover.

They took a Ryanair Flight from John Lennon Airport early Friday morning and was met at Riga airport by a Limo and bottles of bubbly.

They were then checked into their hotel before embarking on a tour of the city and a visit to the white sandy beaches, which they assured me in the heat of the summer is a great place to party.

They then went on a stag do favourite ‘steak and strip night’ before embarking on a mammoth night club tour.

The next day was activity day, taking part in Bobsleigh on real Ice which was described as an incredible adrenalin rush before moving onto the shooting activity site giving them opportunity to fire AK47’s, handguns and rifles.

That night included another bar crawl and club tour taking in what Riga could throw at them, which was another amazing night.

The genuine consensus from the whole of the sales team is that Riga is a lot more cosmopolitan then they originally thought, the locals and reps where friendly and the activities were out of this world, a perfect place for stag dos.

For a fantastic list of stag weekends in Riga, go our the DesignaVenture website.

Try Something Different on your Stag Do

Most stag do organisers want to do something different to what they did last year or last month depending on how popular you are!

So below I have collated a few packages from the DesignaVenture website to give you an idea of what’s our there.

Why not try a Stag Do on a Yacht? You can hire a yacht and skipper from Portsmouth and sail around the Solent before docking on the Isle of Wight for a night out.

If you have the sponds why not charter your very own Jet and fly to a fantastic European stag destination or somewhere in the UK from a local airport of your choice, just think the luxury of not going cattle class!!

If you have the need to take your stag party to Riga and want to do an activity impossible to do in the UK then Cool Running Riga is the package for you. Taken from the film the activity included in this fantastic package is Bobsleigh. In the winter this is done on Ice and in the summer on wheels.

Sledging and sky diving on the same weekend seems impossible, doing both of these activities in the UK sounds like DesignaVenture are going crazy, however take it from me this package called Sledge & Dive Weekend in Milton Keynes is real and ready to book.

I will be sharing more crazy and different stag weekends in a couple of posts time.