Horsing Around

A hen party dressed up at Ascot RacecourseIf you are in dire need of some Nose Bag, want to see a Blanket Finish, want to get yourself some Shortened Odds then you are probably looking for a Horse Racing weekend.

Stag and hen parties looking for something totally different to racing karts or going for a pamper day can find themselves knee deep in an Each Way Bet, dressed up to the nines and truly loving life at a horse racing event. The atmosphere will swallow you up at the first race and spit you out at the last race and in between you will have the time of your life!

This year horse racing events at Ascot, Nottingham, Newcastle, Cheltenham and Chepstow* have some incredible racing meets over a weekend (suitable for a stag do or hen party). Our hen and stag do packages usually include 1 or 2 nights accommodation, return transport to the race course (you can truly let your hair down and not worry about driving) and entry into the races. Most race tickets will also include a a couple of beers or wine and some small tote voucher to get you on your way.

Further details on our stag weekends that include horse racing, alternatively if you are looking for a hen weekend go here.

Most venues don’t have a dress code in some areas like the Grandstand or Paddock however if you upgrade to the Premier stands then you will need to look smart, no jeans and trainers, that sort of thing.

All horse racing venues will have restaurants, lots of bars, food wagons etc so your whole day is well and truly catered for.

So if you are looking to do something totally different on your hen weekend or stag do we at DesignaVenture heartily recommend our horse racing weekends and nights, they are a sure winner.

If you want to learn more horse racing jargon Horse British Racing has it all here, it’s like another language!

*More horse racing locations then the above mentioned can be found at A Day at the races.

Bookings Go Through The Hoof

Horse Racing in Ascot

At the DesignaVenture towers this week I have managed to pull Dani out of the sales team for 2 minutes to find out exactly what’s going on in the land of stags and hens.

My Questions are in black, Dani’s answers are in red:

Hi Dani…

Look what do you want I’m busy?

Alright Dan, I just want to ask you a few questions and i’ll be on my way, what’s selling big this year?

Our Horse racing packages are selling like crazy, especially Ascot.

Wow, sounds amazing, why do you think that is?

Well, not only do our horse racing packages include a 4 star hotel, but we also include transfers to and from Ascot, an entry package, plus you are going to Ascot, what more do you want? Jam on it?

Any other Race courses selling well?

All our horse racing packages are selling well with Chepstow being extremely popular as it gives people the choice of  partying in Bristol or Cardiff, we are also selling lots of horse racing weekends to Nottingham, Newcastle and Chester.

 Now go away not only are you bugging me, but I have tons of work to do…

Fair point, bye Dani thanks for the umm… chat.

Well there you have it people straight from the Horses Mouth so to speak, this week, the DesignaVenture horse racing packages have been selling like hot cakes, you can find a huge list of Horse racing packages here.

And They’re Off!

One of the most popular stag weekends in the UK we sell, is the Horse Racing Weekend.

Whether you choose Ascot, Chester, Bath, Cheltenham, Chepstow, Newcastle, Nottingham or Newbury one thing’s for sure, you are more or less guaranteed a fantastic Stag Do.Horses Racing

I say more or less, as you might back a donkey or two, but hey don’t let that put a downer on your weekend, the thrills and spills of a Horse racing event will cheer you up.

You don’t have to be an avid racing enthusiast to back a winner, and if there are a few Pro’s in the party, get some tips.

But let’s just make one thing clear here, it’s just not all about the racing, there are bars, restaurants and groups of hen parties adding to this popular stag event.

One of the top racing events of the horse racing calendar year is Royal Ascot. The best of British days out with an appearance from the Queen, well it’s not called Royal Ascot for nothing you know.

Dress up smart and really impress the ladies, as they will be looking outstanding in high heels, summer dresses and weird fascinators or posh hats.

Other race days, which are extremely popular, are Plate & Ladies day in Newcastle and the infamous Cheltenham Gold Cup.

On most of DesignaVenture’s Horse Racing Stag Do Packages you will find 3 – 4 star hotel accommodation with breakfast, return transport to the Races and maybe a club or two to visit in the evening.

So if you are looking for a stag do which is a real winner, pick one of our popular horse racing weekends in 2013.

Scotland’s First Minster is a Betting Charm

Unable to attend both his colleagues stag do, Alex Salmond, Scotland’s first minister provided a six race tip to next the 15 strong stag party £1,600!

Two of Mr Salmond’s senior staff Stuart Nicolson and Kevin Pringle are due to marry in the summer and decided to have a joint stag do at Musselburgh Racecourse.

After giving the stag party a six horse accumulator each member of the stag party each put on a £2 bet, giving them winning of sixteen hundred nicker!!

The next time I go on a horse-racing weekend I’m going to drop Alex an email asking for tips!

If you are looking for a Racing Weekend, DesignaVenture have plenty of horse racing weekends in Ascot (including Royal Ascot), Newbury, Nottingham, Newcastle and Chepstow.