Chris O’Dowd’s Stag Do

Chris O’Dowd one of the leading stars from the film Bridesmaids and one of the geeks from the IT crowd celebrates his stag do in and around Bath.

He’s been cruising along the Kennett and Avon canal (in a canal boat obviously) bumping into hapless fans and drinkers signing autographs and generally being a nice guy.

Chris O’Dowd and his merry men who is to marry TV presenter Dawn Porter also popped into the Cross Guns pub at Avoncliff drinking with mates and socialising with locals. The stag party returned for breakfast the following morning.

Twitter feeds where alight with spotting’s and fans sending him thank you tweets for talking to them.

He was then spotted in Bath, trying out the hot spa.

What a stag weekend, we would like to wish Chris and his future wife Dawn Porter all the luck for the future.