Bratislava Officially The Cheapest Stag Do Destination

Bratislava at nightThe International Business Times has released an article stating that Bratislava is the cheapest place in the world for a Stag Do!

The study, made by No 1 Currency, looks at Stag Do favourites such as beer, a fry up, MacDonalds, taxis, football match tickets, flights and accommodation. It shows that a Stag Do in Bratislava is £19 cheaper than Dublin, with Ibiza being a whopping £206 more expensive!

This article also compares a Stag Do to Bratislava to a Stag in Blackpool, travelling by train from London which does will sometimes work out to be more expensive, but I am sure if you drove to Blackpool your cost would be different.

We love Bratislava, lots of stag parties have returned with hugely positive feedback for this amazing stag destination.

If you would like to view our stag packages in Bratislava, with and without flights go here.

Below is how No 1 Currency worked out their costings:

Cheapest Pint In The UK – Herefordshire!

4 pints of beerIf you are on a Stag Do this weekend and are paying over £4 a pint then you have obviously picked the wrong destination.

According to The Guardian, Herefordshire is the cheapest place to buy a pint on average  £3.03 per pint, in contrast, if you are partying hard and celebrating your Stag Do in London then you will be paying atleast £3.79 per pint.

The UK average for a pint of beer is £3.31, all prices are courtesy of the good pub guide.

Herefordshire is not only a county full of cheap pubs, there are loads of fantastic stag activities, and the nightlife in Hereford is pretty good for a small city, I should know, I live here!

So for a cheap pint and bags of top notch stag activities book your Stag Do to Herefordshire.

For loads of brilliant Stag Do Ideas in Herefordshire, go here.

Stag Night At Home, Investigated

Staying in your local town or city on your stag do can feel a little claustrophobic, especially when everyone knows your face.

But hey if you are tied to a tight budget, what can you do?

Well, there are plenty of stag packages out there which includes at least one activity, nightclub entry and accommodation for one night in a town, city or rural setting for under £60.00.

Let’s face it, once you have gone out, drank in your local, paid to get into a club, munched on a doner kebab and taxi fare home your are talking a hundred knicker no problem.

So think outside the box people, DesignaVenture has many stag do packages which includes 1 activity, 1 night in a city centre hotel (saving on taxi fares) and nightclub entry all for under £60.00 per person.

Spread your stag do wings wisely my friends, try something new.