Stag Do Reunions

The big news this week is that the Stone Roses are getting back together for 2 gigs in Manchester, followed by a world tour.

Reunions in my mind have always been a bad thing and I am glad The Beatles didn’t reunite as I feel it would have spoiled a legacy, and boy, what a legacy.

But things are changing, Take That have proved that a reunion can work, although I am not a fan of Take That’s music, I do admire what they have achieved.

What about a stag do reunion? Most groups of friends get together as a whole unit for the stag do, and then disband forever.

I think if you had a great stag weekend and everyone got on, then make it a yearly stag do, there are lots of places in the world to explore and what better way then with your mates.

Right I’m off to get my Stones Roses tickets, Mani for God sake take your inhaler.