Pamplona Bull Run Gores Brit on a Stag Do

A British man from Teeside was on a stag do watching the famous Pamplona Bull Run was gored by a passing Bull during this year’s festival.

Daniel Earl was on his Brother James’ stag do to Spain when a passing bull ran passed and then seemed to turn around and ram his horns into his groin and then tossing him into the air.

He had a very nasty gore, which was stitched up on the street by paramedics and then was taken to hospital in fear of infection.

The Landscape Gardner from Yarm on Teeside brother James saw the whole thing happen, he told reporters “it was absolutely horrible, the bull ran past Daniel but then turned back, I felt completely helpless”.

Daniel’s Mother Jackie, who is a councillor in Stockton said he is now recovering in hospital, I have been worried sick and so has his girlfriend.”

“We just want to get him home now and into an English hospital” she added.

Doctors have said Daniel cannot fly home for several days due to the severity of his injury.