Mobility Scooter Crackdown By Police in Benidorm

According to a story on the Mirror online, the police are going to crackdown on stag parties hiring Mobility Scooters.

This trend first started after the ITV hit show Benidorm, shows Madge travelling around on these infamous electric vehicles.

New laws which will come into place this month, include all Scooters must be registered with the local council and you will only be allowed to hire one of these vehicles if you are over 55 or have a disability certificate or a doctor’s note.

Drink drive and misuse of these vehicles could also mean a fine.

So an end to this Stag Do craze is probably around the corner.

Just a quick note to level out the finger of blame:

Stag Parties where / are being approached when arriving at Alicante airport, so businesses in Benidorm have focused on Stags to make money.