Louis Walsh spills the Beans on Simon’s Stag Do

News and gossip is really hotting up about Simon Cowell’s forth coming stag do, speculation is rife.

However amidst the rumours and tabloid gossip Louis Walsh has been letting slip again and when he starts chatting you know three things; he will tell it how it is, he will be mean about Simon Cowell and he will ramble like a hill walking couple called Colin and Clair.

Louis is reported to have said to the Star Magazine “Simon Cowell will bring along a few girls to his stag party.”

He then went on to say “I don’t want to plan his stag do, though. I think his brother Nicholas will be doing that. Simon wouldn’t like to do much on his stag do. He’s not into going out and getting drunk. It’s not really him. I’m sure he’ll like to go out for a nice meal, a few drinks and a bit of fun, and maybe bring along a few girls!”

Louis reportedly jovially rambled on as only he can “She’s gorgeous! She’s far too good for him. I’ve liked all of his girlfriends, but Mezhgan is so real; so nice. In fact, she’s everything he’s not! I think Mezhgan could do much better than Simon. She’s a lovely person and so gorgeous, too pretty for him. She could do better than this 50-year-old man with a funny haircut. Simon could pay anyone in the world to cut his hair, he could even buy new hair It’s weird but he likes it and she must, too. She loves him for being him. She likes his funny heels, his funny hair and his funny face.”

I rest my case.