Ten Facts About Stag & Hen Weekends

2 people sitting at a desk behind the DesignaVenture sign with thinking caps onBelow are 10 facts for you to digest over the Eater Bank Holiday Weekend about a very special British tradition; the hen and stag do.

Right let’s not waste anymore time jibber jabbering:

Fact 1

Not many stag and hen parties choose the Easter Weekend to celebrate – this is obviously down to group members having family commitments – try and explain to the kids that you are going on a stag do when the Easter Bunny is coming!

Fact 2

The average hen party pays £157 per person for their night / weekend and a stag pays £153 per person, back in 2008 the average spend for a stag do was just £91 per person!

Fact 3

The average age of a man when he takes the plunge into married life is 29 years old and a woman is 27 years old – why is the woman always younger? I suppose because women mature quicker then men, some men don’t mature at all, like me! In 1990 when tying the know the average man was 26 years old and the average woman was 23 years old.

Fact 5

The average amount we spend whilst on a hen or stag do is approximately £100 however some of our stags have told us that they can spend anything up to £500 depending on where they go and how long they go for, just to confirm this is spending money and doesn’t include activities or accommodation.

Fact 6

The average speed of a Rage Buggy is 58mph, the average speed of the old dirt buggies back in the 90’s was 25mph!!!

Fact 7

Reading is the top choice for parties who don’t want to travel too far. Groups who choose to celebrate their hen or stag do in Reading will drive less miles to get there then any other destination in the UK.

Fact 8

The furthest city from London where you can spend a stag or hen do in is Auckland, New Zealand – 18,326km away (based on cities of a million plus people).

Fact 9

A recent survey conducted by Go Euro have stated that the most cheapest place for a Beer is Krakow in Poland which costs £1.07, the most expensive on average is Geneva at £4.08.

Fact 10

Peak season is between May and July when half of all stag and hen weekends throughout the year are taken.



Prague, The Safest Hen & Stag Destination

Prague at Night lots of fireworksAccording to an article on The Week’s website, the Czech Republic is the tenth most safest country in the world. The capital of the Czech Republic is Prague, a very popular hen and especially stag do destination.

The safest country in the world is Iceland, with New Zealand, Denmark and Austria all included in this peaceful top ten.

How did they get to this conclusion?

Well, there is a measurement called GPI (Global Peace Index) which is measured by looking at each individual country’s statistical factors such as; murder and criminality rates plus how much the the government spends on international and internal conflicts. There are obviously other measurements involved but it’s too boring to go into, I explained it to myself earlier and found myself reaching for Katie Price’s latest book, that’s how bored I was!

The most dangerous countries in the world according to this article and the Global Peace Index is Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, North Korea and Central African Republic, so we don’t recommend you celebrate your stag do there.

Prague is a very popular stag destination and has incredible nightlife with a fantastic atmosphere to boot. Need something to do in the day? Prague also has a multitude of incredible stag do activities to keep the boys out the bars in the day including white water rafting, shooting AK 47’s and  Jelly Wrestling!

For more details on the Global Peace Index go to the Wikipedia website, as I am sure you are riveted.

You’re Never Too Old For Strippers

4 Old Ladies wearing sunglasses - dressing up for a hen nightIf you ever thought that once you’ve reached the dizzy heights of OAP status, then you’ll be too far over the hill for a traditional stag and hen night, think again!

According to this incredible article on the Mirror’s website, Cliff Hayes (79) and Marina Canter (80) are engaged to marry this week. Before getting married they both decided on having a traditional hen and stag do.

Back story on the happy couple; Marina was married before however became a widow 10 years ago, Cliff has been a lifelong bachelor!

They met on a coaching holiday to Newquay. Marina said Cliff was a little slow on the uptake and she had to ask him to dance. They got on so well that Cliff moved in 4 months later and then he proposed at Christmas. They are getting married next week on Cliff’s 80th Birthday.

Now back to the story…

So Cliff, with 20 of his friends, aged between 75 and 86, organised a stag night at a local pub with a stripper, whilst Marina and her friends held an Ann Summers party on the same night at her home. From this I would say that their celebrations are based on traditional stag and hen nights from the 1980’s!

Now I am not taking anything away from Cliff’s stag night and good on him, I bet he had an incredible night however, a night down the pub with a stripper is not how the stag parties rock these days.

These days a Generation X or Millennials* traditional hen and stag night or weekend usually includes at least one activity, accommodation and a whole load of shenanigans!

Traditional daytime stag activities usually include Racing Rage Buggies, Whisky tasting, Quad Biking, Paintball, Bubble Football, Foot-golf, White Water Rafting and so on, with night time activities include a visit to a Comedy Club, lap dancing club or nightclub , dog racing, casinos, restaurants, bar tours etc.

Staying over is a must and these days most hotels don’t back away when you mention stag or hen party, from bunk accommodation to 5 star hotels, cottages, country retreats, log cabins anything goes.

*Gerneration X born from 1964 to 1984 – Millennials born from the 1982 to 2002