Tips on Organising a Hen Do by Hello

If you are in need of some top tips on organising a hen party, Hello magazine with their blog Hello daily news have written on article for the top 5 tips.

From theming your hen party to how much it’s going to cost, who to invite and when to go, all budding bridesmaids will need to read this must see article.

This article is hoping to put an end to distasteful hen parties with stressed out hens and drunken disasters, like it.

The article can be found here.

Mankini Now Banned in Blackpool

Stag Dressed in a MankiniBlackpool is (surprisingly) the second Stag Do seaside destination to put in a total ban on the men in Mankinis pointing specifically at stag parties. This ban which is also known as Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) can also be applied to any inappropriate dress worn by stag or hen parties.

2 Years ago the Newquay police got fed up with stags turning up in Mankinis so they were the first seaside town to put in a total ban on Mankinis and now Blackpool has followed suit.

Blackpool has always been (in my eyes) a little risqué, with the Kiss Me Quick hats in the 80’s and the hedonistic reputation of the 90’s and 00’s however the town council has decided to exercise their anti-lout powers to ban inappropriate dress.

Opponents fear such a move would be similar to criminalising women for wearing shorts skirts or showing off to much cleavage.

Other people think it’s a great idea and would be a positive move to cleaning up Blackpool’s image, making it a more family friendly British seaside town.

If you do find yourself in a Mankini or inappropriately dressed in Blackpool whilst on a Stag Do or hen weekend or if that’s just what you like to wear, there is a big chance you can be fined on the spot. Just so you know these fines range from £70 to £100.

Best Man Saves Bride’s Father

There’s a fantastic article in the Mirror sharing a story of a group of guys on a stag do to Bournemouth and whilst they were karting the bride to be’s father had a heart attack!

The story doesn’t currently sound too fantastic, but what happened after makes it a story to learn from and shows how important the message from the British Heart Foundation is trying to get across, in their campaign a Nation of Lifesavers.

The best man Michael Scott put together a brilliant stag do to Bournemouth which included outdoor race karting and whilst they were in the middle of the race, he watched John Statham, father of the bride’s kart veer off the track, through the tyre wall and straight into a tree, John had had a heart attack.

Quick thinking by Michael (best man) and Stewart Jones (a former paramedic), issued CPR  until the paramedics arrived saving John’s life and he was able to walk his daughter down the Aisle just three weeks later.

Luckily, the best man Michael, three weeks earlier completed a free British Heart Foundation CPR training course at his local fire station.

If you would like to know more about how you can learn CPR go here you will never know when you’ll need it!

Hen Pregnant By Dwarf Stripper

Mini Boys Advert in SpainAccording to an article in the Telegraph, a Spanish woman has had to admit the unthinkable to her new husband after giving birth to a baby with dwarfism.

This new Spanish bride had to fight with her demons and admit to her new husband after giving birth to her baby with dwarfism, that she had had sex with a dwarf on her hen party, none of her close friends or family knew!

Her husband thought the baby was his and was conceived on their honeymoon!

Please also note that dwarfs are known as mini-boys in Spain, (very interesting name) if this is of some sort of interest to you, a video on Youtube is available – here.

It’s very popular for Spanish hen and stag parties to hire dwarfs as entertainers and there are many websites offering the services of mini-boys (so funny) in Spain.

We are not sure of the outcome and we salute her for being honest with her husband (only for being honest).

Bratislava Officially The Cheapest Stag Do Destination

Bratislava at nightThe International Business Times has released an article stating that Bratislava is the cheapest place in the world for a Stag Do!

The study, made by No 1 Currency, looks at Stag Do favourites such as beer, a fry up, MacDonalds, taxis, football match tickets, flights and accommodation. It shows that a Stag Do in Bratislava is £19 cheaper than Dublin, with Ibiza being a whopping £206 more expensive!

This article also compares a Stag Do to Bratislava to a Stag in Blackpool, travelling by train from London which does will sometimes work out to be more expensive, but I am sure if you drove to Blackpool your cost would be different.

We love Bratislava, lots of stag parties have returned with hugely positive feedback for this amazing stag destination.

If you would like to view our stag packages in Bratislava, with and without flights go here.

Below is how No 1 Currency worked out their costings:

Get Crafty

A Hen Party with humorous hats painting glasses in a craft hen activityIf you are looking to book a Hen Party and need a unique activity which will please your crafty hen then listen up girls, Crafty Hen is a new activity DesignaVenture are rolling out across the UK.

Customise hot pants in knicker decorating,  decorate wine glasses for the wedding in our glass painting activity, learn how to make beautiful bunting or decorate plates or mugs in our ceramic painting activity.

Kirsty Allsop has got us all “making our own”, creating every day items into stunning masterpieces which can be used around the house or as previously mentioned at the wedding.

If you feel that this hen activity will suit your group and hen down to the ground take a look at our Crafty Hen page.