A Bodged Stag Do Tattoo

According to an article in the Gazette Live website, Mark Bythway had a tattoo done on a Stag Do in Majorca, which seems pretty normal, a nice souvenir from a Stag Weekend he is suppose to remember for the rest of his life, but not when the tattoo up his arm states:

“Bodge Loves Car Boots”.

Mark Bythway who’s nickname is Bodge, as his grandfather named him a bodged baby when he was born, has now been ordered by fianc√© to either get it covered up or removed before their wedding in August.

This unforgettable stag tattoo is now on the dedicated bad tattoos on twitter and has caused quite a stir.

In this article he also admitted that this body art doesn’t tell a lie, he actually loves car boots, every cloud!

World Cup Hangover? Get A Hangover Worth Having!

Sexy Lady Dressed Up As A RefereeAs England bow out of the world cup without a single win under their belts, maybe putting off your Stag Do wasn’t worth it.

It’s time you got back to reality and organised a more worthy cause, sending your best mate off on the greatest Stag Do known to man.

Don’t worry, DesignaVenture are here to help with 1,000’s of stag do ideas throughout the UK and Europe you’re in good hands.

If you just want to get somewhere fast and party like it’s 1966, book a basic package of accommodation and clubs and get your dancing shoes on, it’s going to be a heck of a weekend.

You can even build your own Stag Do – choose a destination and whatever activities you fancy day or night or just simply plump for accommodation or activities only, the world is your Oyster.

And just think, at the end of the day, it’s a game of two halves,¬†the boys worked hard, they put their stalls out at half time, it was end to end stuff, there were no easy games and on paper we had a good side – let DesignaVenture put all these football cliches to bed for you!

Enjoy the rest of the world cup and don’t keep any food on your shoulders, you don’t know who’s around.

Bride Goes On The Run For Hen Party

The British public are just incredible and Bride to be Kelly Nash of South Shields is like no other.

For her Hen Party she and 12 other are planning to take part in a 5K run in aid of St Oswald’s Hospice where her work colleague from Four housing, Lesley Bell, has treatment.

They will all be showered with powder paint before taking part which takes a new meaning to a Bridal shower.

After the run the Hen Party plan is to have Afternoon Tea before attending Proms in the Park in Brents Park, before finishing off on Ocean Road in South Shields for a curry.

We love stories on charitable stag and hen dos, so if you have a story which includes you celebrating your last days as a single man or woman making money for for good causes please get in touch.

This story featured on the Shields Gazette website.

If you would like to take part in the run please visit the St Oswald’s Life List Website or email fundraising@stoswaldsuk.org

Left Footers Sort It Out For Stag Do In Vegas

According to an article on the Daily Star online, two of England’s ex left-backs have buried the hatchet and have gone on a Stag Do together to Las Vegas.

Wayne Bridge who is about to wed the Saturday’s singer, Frankie Sandford, has invited one of Frankie’s rumoured ex’s, Ashley Cole.

According to this article Shaun Wright Phillips persuaded Wayne to invite Ashely onto the Vegas Stag Do after hearing about Ashley’s tough past few weeks; not getting into the England side and getting in to trouble with the LA police, but that’s another story.

Apparently the Stag Do consisted of staying at the Encore resort and hitting the 10AK nightclub where they had 20 bottle of Dom Perignon delivered to their booth, how the other half live eh!

A Historic Stag Do

A group of mates on a Stag Do in New Mexico discovered whilst walking along a beach, a 3 million year old skull of a Stegomastodon, a relative of a woolly mammoth to you and I!

According to an article on the Telegraph’s website, the American bachelor party were hiking in Elephant Butte Lake State Park which is near Albuquerque when they saw a bone sticking out the sand. The boys starting digging and found a 453 kg skull which they thought was a woolly mammoth.

The stag group took a picture of this mammoth skull and sent it to the New Mexico of Natural History and science, who sent their best palaeontologist (always wanted to spell that, still can’t) who confirmed it was about 3 million years old.

Now this Stag Do may not rock your boat as you would prefer lap dancing clubs or high octane motor sports, but it’s a great story to tell your wedding guests, possibly the only story you could tell your wedding guests, what goes on tour and all that!

Swedish Stag Do Prank Results IN FIRE!

If you think our Stag Do Games and Pranks are mad over here in the UK, take a trip up north to Scandinavia where the Scandies are just as crazy.

An article on The Telegraph’s website today, shows a stag dressed up as a Panda picking up a chicken and running through a camp fire as a stag challenge. Unfortunately his panda suit is pretty flammable and his right leg catches fire, watch this hilarious video on the Telegraph’s website (link below) and see how he extinguishes himself!

No animals including the stag (GET IT!! – sorry an appalling joke) were injured.

To watch this very funny video go to the Telegraph’s website – here.

If you would like some ideas on stag do pranks or stag do games, all featured on our very helpful, enlightening and funny blog, follow the links.

10 Days To The World Cup

OK – You may or may not be aware but there is a little football competition happening this year, well in 10 days time to be precise and it may or may not affect you or your stag or hen do, but if it does, we have a post for that.

If it affect your stag or hen weekend, read on:
We have compiled a list of when the matches are happening, when England will be playing and if England make it into the last 16, when these matches will be played.

The blog cash be found here.

If the world cup doesn’t affect your Hen or Stag Weekend but your are interested all the same, use this link as a reference.

If you cannot stand football or not interested in the world cup, apologies for wasting your time.