Bill Murray Gives Good Advice To A Stag Do

Bill Murray crashed a Stag Do in South Carolina the other day giving the group some priceless advice.

He starts by telling the stag group that funerals are not for the dead but for the living!

He then explains to the bachelor party; if you meet a girl and you think she is the one, before getting married, buy 2 plane tickets and travel around the world to places which are hard to get in and hard to get out.

When you arrive back into JFK and you still love that woman, marry her at the airport.

We think that is great advice but it’s a bit late for the groom on his Stag Do!

You can watch the video here

The Kardashian’s Hen Party in Paris

Kim Kardashian and a load of her gal friends from the US of A hit the streets of Paris to celebrate Kim’s hen night in an extremely civilised manor, there wasn’t a L-Plate in sight.

According to an online article on the Mirror’s website, Kim and 19 of her friends and family glam’d up and went for what she has called the Last Supper.

The hen party then hit the streets of Paris for drinks and to PARTY!

Once the hen party is over it’s then time for the huge event, Kim marrying Kanye in Florence, a very European affair!

We would like to wish Kim and Kanye all the luck in the world for the future.

Prince Harry Offers To Buy A Pub ON A Stag Do

According to an online Mirror article, whilst on a Stag Do, Prince Harry loved the Maritime Inn, in Devon so much he offered to buy the pub from landlady, Pat Sedon.

The prince was enjoying a stag do with his mates when he visited this quirky pub in Brixham, he was having such a great time he offered to buy the pub from the landlady who was only to pleased to offer him the pub for £650,000!

He quickly withdrew his offer and told her he only had £6.50 in his pocket.

She was impressed with the stag group and said they all behaved themselves wonderfully.

The Prince is currently promoting a Paralympics-style event for wounded service personnel. The Invictus Games will be held in London in September, we would like to take this opportunity to wish the games an extremely successful event.

Craziest Stag Dos Known To Man

The Mirror has come up trumps with a great stag do article about the craziest stag dos of all time.

From running with the Bulls in Pamplona, dumping a stag naked on the side of the road in Bournemouth to dying the groom’s penis green in Miami – who is now suing his pals (only in America).

There are also stories about chickens, a stag group in Crete getting arrested for wearing Nuns outfits and the video of the poor old stag who got shingles after being kidnapped in Somerset, which we covered here.

We do not promote any of these stag pranks mentioned in this article however it is a very entertaining read about the wild side of stag dos.

We have a great blog on stag do pranks which can be found here. This article we feel is helpful and at the very least educational!