JLS Muscle Out On Stag Do

According to a Daily Mail recent article the JLS boys are on a Stag Do in Spain, stripped off and are looking more rippled than a the Mediterranean Sea!

Hanging out at pool bars and drinking Champagne these boys sure know how to party and that’s just in the day.

If you’re a hen, check out the article you will love the images, if you are a stag, I wouldn’t bother if I was you, especially if you have a body complex!

JB Gills is due to marry Chloe his fiancé this year and may go into farming following other pop stars including Reni from the Stone Roses and Alex James from Blur.

We would like to wish JB and his new fiancé all the best for the wedding and future.

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Stag Do Prank In Newcastle Hits The Tabloids

According to an article on the Mirror’s website an unsuspecting stag (Liverpool fan) was gaffer taped to a lamp post in full view of the party goers at Newcastle’s infamous Quayside.

But the story doesnt end there, they not only gaffer taped this brave stag they also dressed him the full Sunderland’s football kit.

There is also a video showing this Stag Do Prank in all it’s glory.

The whole prank was taken in good spirits by the Geordies that saw him, well it’s no surprise Newcastle is one of the friendliest cities to celebrate a Stag Do in.

We can’t help but salute this stag party for a great prank, maybe they got the idea from our blog post; Top 10 Stag Do Pranks.

We also have a page jam packed with fantastic Stag Do Ideas and Packages, you can find it here.