Mark Wright’s Banned From Marbella

Mark Wright the man of the moment is up for his Stag Do this year and Michelle Keegan, according to an article on the Heat’s website, has banned the hapless Essex boy and his mates from his first choice stag destination of Marbella.

Apparently, he is treated like a king in ‘Marbs’ and “has whatever he wants, any time of the day”.

Mark Wright went to Marbella in May 2011, when he was celebrating Timothy Langar’s Stag Do, where apparently he got food poisoning and missed the biggest night of the tour, so perhaps he wants to go back and make amends.

Anyway it’s not all bad for the fella with a new TV show on ITV2, Party Wright Around The World, I expect he will be able to use his new contacts to find another stag destination to party in.

Kissed By A Cheeky Beggar

In a recent article published on the Mirror’s website reports on a Chinese stag partygoer asleep in the park and getting kissed by a homeless man!

This story and images have gone viral all over the world, and the poor stag party member was named as Yong Mai, by people who knew him.

According to this article the homeless man was very gentle and he didn’t want to wake Yong Mai up, however when he did come to, apparently mumbling his girlfriend’s or wife’s name, realised what was going on, stood up immediately and started shouting insults at the homeless man, before hurrying off.

This is without doubt a great advert for not going out and getting so drunk, you pass out, even on a stag do!

Stephen Hawkins Poses In A Strange Stag Do Picture

According to an article in the Daily Mail, Stephen Hawkins features in an amazing picture.

Think 9 stags dressed up as Bananaman, with Stephen Hawkins posing in the middle, what a memorable picture that must be for the stag Chris Hallam.

Apparently they were looking for a bar in Cambridge and they bumped into the super professor.

Follow the above link to see this amazing image.