DesignaVenture Over Christmas 2013

People of Britain, DesignaVenture is going to be closed during the week of Christmas.

We are doing this to give our hard working team a well earned break, and we also like to party hard!

So, from about noon on Christmas eve the whole team will be having lunch and a drink in the local boozer and shutting shop until the 02nd January 2014.

That basically means on the 02nd January 2014 we will be open from 9am as usual, we will be expecting a massive PHEW resounding around the country with the relief that the best stag and hen tour operator is open again.

“What can we do if we want some questions answering, or if we want to book something?”

Don’t panic, most companies in this market are also closed so no real work can be done within the Christmas week, so the best thing to do is to drop us an email or simply book on line and we will get back to you on the 02nd January 2014, sharp!