A Messy Ant Leaves Stag Do

DesignaVenture’s news page has just gone tabloid with this story, Antony McPartlin (Ant from Ant & Dec) leaves a Stag Do with a massive stain down his blazer.

So what’s big news about that? Well to be honest, nothing however it’s made the Daily Mail’s website with a picture of him leaving Mahiki nightclub after a Stag Do with a massive stain down the front of his jacket.

If you want to see this picture you can find it here.

So why would this be big news?

Don’t ask me, however I was intrigued to see the picture and stain and so were loads of other people, and at the time of me writing this little news story (not really news worthy I grant you) there was over 80 comments from people that have read it!

It just goes to show that this lad from Newcastle can’t do anything without the media getting excited.

I would like to reiterate I still wanted to see the picture!

This is Ed Winchester, from DesignaVenture News signing out.

Which UK Cities Offer Best Value

Whether you are on a Stag Do, Hen Party or Activity Break in the UK it’s good to know where the best-valued breaks can be had and how they rank within the UK.
Man in Tartan & Bagpipes
Well, thanks to our friends at the Mail Online they have looked into this and written quite an interesting article.

The most expensive city to visit is Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital.

The poll is measured by comparing prices across the board and basing it on staying for 1 night in a 4 star hotel and includes pre dinner drinks, a meal and taxi home.

Other cities topping the poll for being expensive includes London, Cambridge and Brighton however the city coming in at best value is Nottingham (one of our most popular stag destinations).

Other bargain cities include Cardiff and Bristol, which again are in our top 10 stag destinations for 2013.

Our 4 star breaks to these bargain cities include fantastic activities and all come in at a very reasonable price.

So stag and hen parties do know what they are doing, going to cities which offer great value for money as well as fantastic nightlife.

The Prince Surfing On A Stag Do

Stag Sat On Surf Board In The Sea

We have always barked on at how fantastic surfing is as an activity on a Stag do, now this amazing activity has the Royal approval!

There are pictures all over the Telegraph’s website showing Prince William having the time of his life on a Stag do in Devon.

According to this article, a sunbather told a reporter that “you could see that he (the Prince) was loving every minute”.

As previously reported, The Prince and 15 other members of the Stag do took a train from Paddington to Exeter for a boozy Stag weekend.

We have some great stag dos, which include surfing which can be found here.

We also have details on surfing along with a video.

The Prince On Another Stag Do

According to The Sun, Prince William has been seen on a train from London Paddington to Devon on another stag do.

Swigging from cans of beer and a table full of miniature gin bottles apparently the private carriage was rocking.

He is currently on paternity leave from the Royal Air Force and was given permission to go with 15 of his other mates on this stag do, the lucky boy.

I know my wife would have made me pay if we had just had a baby and I went on a stag do, mind you she wouldn’t have the help of the royal household!