How To Pay Online

DesignaVenture now has the facility to allow individual members of your Stag do, Hen party or activity break to pay online.

First and foremost when you book your break through DesignaVenture you will be sent an email with details on how to login into your members area (if you have not received this email please let us know as soon as possible).

Once you have gone through security you will be able to share your booking with all the individual members of your group, inviting them to pay via your members area.

Please note that if some of your party prefer to pay over the telephone, this is also not a problem.

If you would like to discuss your payment options please call us on 01432 830880, as cheesy as it sounds, we are here to help.

Pick The Right Activities For Your Group

Picking the right activities for your group’s break Activity Ideassis paramount, whether you are booking a Stag Do, Activity Break or Hen Weekend.

Some organisers make bad decisions and book the wrong activities, they are then left with a break  no one wants to go on.

Firstly, speak to your people, ask them what they want to do, give them a couple of options and find out what everyone is in to.

You may be into Golf and two thirds of the group may think Golf spoils a good walk, so it’s hardly surprising they’ll want to play a game on their break.

Some ladies in a hen party may find a spa day a little old hat or paintball a little bruising so choose wisely.

We have staff that can point you in the right direction and give you ideas you may not of thought of.

Your chosen destination will also dictate what activities are on offer, for example you can’t go surfing in Cheltenham, but you can go white water rafting actually in Cardiff, did you know that?

Royal Brothers On Another Stag Do

According to the Mail Online website, Prince William and Harry have been seen dancing with inflatable toys on a Stag Do in London, last weekend.

The Royal Brothers were seen drinking cocktails, joking around with inflatable novelties and doing the Harlem Shake in the exclusive Tonteria nightclub, in Sloane Square.

The Stag Do started at Kew Pier on the Thames, they were celebrating Thomas Ven Straubenzee’s stag, he’s a close friend of Harry’s and went to their school at Eton.

The Stag Do ended up at Tonteria’s nightclub with the boys being papped on the way out looking a little worse for wear!

Even Royalty love a good Stag Do, and there is nothing better than celebrating with old school friends and dancing the night away.

Nice one boys. keeping the British Stag Do a tradition.


England’s Winger Theo Walcott’s Stag Do in Vegas

According to the Sun’s website; Theo Walcott was on his crazy stag do to Vegas last week.

Theo arrived in Vegas on Tuesday wearing a stag t-shirt and having a flutter on low risk casino tables, he’s a sensible guy!

The next day the stag party were seen and in by their hotel pool drinking Coronas, cocktails and shots, which nearly came to a halt when the guys all had to go up to their rooms to get ID!

Theo didn’t make it out on the first night, as the rest of the stag party experienced sin city apparently Theo stayed in his room.

He is due to marry his child hood sweetheart Melanie Slade later this summer.

We at DesignaVenture would like to wish the happy couple all the best for the future.

Stag Do Ideas For The Rest Of The Summer

Stag Do Ideas Beers

Summer is upon us at last, and by now many bestmen up and down the country will be nervously looking for some Stag Do Ideas and inspiration thinking; they may have left it to late.

Don’t worry my friends (I hope you don’t think I am being over familiar), DesignaVenture are at hand to help you out of your sticky situation.

We have a highly trained customer service team who are used to laid back bestmen wanting ideas quickly and at a good price.

The best place to start is on the stag do ideas page on our website.

On this page you will find links to various help pages including Got a Budget, The Last Minute Stag Do Panic Button, and Stag Dos Under £100.

Also on this Stag do ideas page you will find excess to all our popular stag destinations, activities and more importantly a lovely picture of a lap dancer from Spearmint Rhinos.

Let’s face it, leaving booking your Stag do until the very last minute isn’t the brightest of moves but you are in this situation all the same, aBooking a large group of lads into a hotel can be difficult, however if you leave it to DesignaVenture they will call all their stag friendly hotels (ranging from standard to 4 star, depending on your budget) and will save your bacon.

You can then pretend you had the whole Stag do heavily planned months before!