Last Minute UK Stag Do

Big news people, May 2013 is going be a scorcher, apparently it’s not going to rain for the whole month of May, so if you haven’t booked your Stag Do yet, now is the time.

You are going to see popular stag do destinations such as Bournemouth, Bristol, Newquay and Nottingham basking in sunshine or unlike last year, dry!

There is plenty of late availability around and as you are booking so late, if you are having trouble getting the money out of all the lads why not try our individual payment service*.

In the stag do section of the DesignaVenture website why not try out our last minute enquiry form, or if you are working to a budget try the budget finder also found on the Stag Do Home page.

So if you need to book a last minute Stag Do let DesignaVenture share the load so you can take all the credit, we don’t mind!

*Lead person books and pays for 2 people, we then give you a unique reference number and a set deadline and group members can either call up or go online and pay. Please note that there is a £2 per payment transaction charge for this service.

Top Gear Stag Do To North Wales

The Melton Times has reported about a Stag Do to North Wales where the guys set themselves a top gear challenge before arriving at their rented in barn in North Wales.

They split up into teams and waited for their first part of the challenge….

The challenge was to buy a banger (an old car, not a sausage), with tax and MOT for less than £400.

Points were deducted for spending more or gained for spending less.

The teams then had to transform their beaten up cars into something with style, one team chose the Back to The Future DeLorean.

Others chose a Jurassic Park style jeep and the other team made a Limo out of a funeral car!

They then drove from Derby to North Wales with various challenges on the way.

What a fantastic Stag do idea, loads of fun and totally unique.

If you have any stories like this one please do not hesitate to contact us on

William and Harry On A Very Stately Stag Do

According to an article on the Daily Beast website, Prince William and Prince Harry joined friends to celebrate Tom Van Straubenzee’s stag do in a pub in Hedley on the Hill.

With not a stripper or Flaming Sambuca in sight the Royal brothers and their friends all bought rounds of drinks at the bar and had a meal in a very quiet celebration for their mate Tom, who is due to marry Lady Melissa Percy later on this year.

Tom Van Straubenzee is one of Harry’s oldest friends and Lady Melissa is the daughter of the Duke of Northumberland, whose house was used as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies.

Tom was also an usher at last year’s Royal Wedding and Lady Melissa is friends with Pippa Middleton, so lets just say they have friends in high places.

So, back to the stag do then. Well there is really nothing really to report, they sat and had a meal, bought drinks at the bar and chatted. The chef at the Feather’s Inn in Hedley on the Hill tweeted that he had just finished making tea for William and Harry and they were both lovely boys!!

So we will be back with more stag and hen party news as it happens, or in this case doesn’t happen.

Mark Wright Wants Vegas For His Stag Do

According to an article on the MTV Europe website, Mark Wright is planning a Stag do in Las Vegas.

Hang on a minute I didn’t know he’s engaged?

Apparently he isn’t, but when asked whether he would follow the British artist Example by going snowboarding for his stag do, he replied, “Since I was a kid it has always been Vegas”.

He is currently dating Coronation Street beauty (I sound like a Sun reporter) Michelle Keegan and trying to keep his relationship with under wraps, which is a total U-turn and what he usually does with his life being a reality TV Star.

He is also tipped to be the new presenter for the Xtra Factor, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

More Mark Wright Stag do news, when it happens, this is Dean Ventures reporting for DesignaVenture’s latest news.