Stag Do Ideas

If you need some inspiration for your next stag do then you cannot go wrong having a good snoot around the DesignaVenture website for fantastic stag do ideas.

From Rage Buggies to Yachting, Barcelona to Bournemouth and with packages starting from £55 per person you will also get great value for money.

Some stags these days want the extreme style outdoor activities such as Coasteering or Canyoning, they want the adrenalin of jumping into deep pools or abseiling down waterfalls, these activities can be booked as part of a package or by themselves.

Other stag groups prefer the quiet days and hectic nights partying in popular stag do location such as Bournemouth, Bristol, Prague, Riga, Nottingham, Newquay… the list is endless.

If you are loving the Olympics at the moment why don’t you do an Olympic style activities such as It’s a knockout or the West Country Games in Bristol.

So for some amazing stag do ideas get yourself on the DesignaVenture website or give them a call for an informal chat.

Don’t Go For The Cheapest Stag Do Package

Cheapest is not always best, if you are looking for the cheapest stag do package there is one golden rule to follow before comparing – is it like for like.

Does the package have the same standard of hotel, is the hotel in the centre of town or is it 3 miles out where it will cost £10 each way by cab to get you to the nightlife?

Are the activities options the same, for example; take paintball, some places offer 200 rounds and lunch and others just offer a 100 rounds, so going for the 200 rounds plus lunch may be a little more expensive at the start, but could be cheaper in the long term.

Does your comedy club include food, do you have queue jump entry into a club or just free entry?

These are just some of the questions you should be acomparing when looking for the cheapest stag do.

So, cheaper may not always be cheapest, so don’t be a part of a false economy people, put some effort into comparing your breaks, if anyone sings “GO COMPARE” I will shoot them, with a paintball gun obviously.

Les-bo To Prague

We have made up quite a few great names for our stag do packages but none of them are as explanantary and as funny as Les-bo To Prague.

This stag weekend in Prague obviously includes some sort of strip show which includes two beautiful ladies who are rather fond of each other and don’t mind showing their affection for each other in public.

But what else does this package include?

I am glad you asked me that Steve as I was just getting onto that, it includes 2 night’s in a 2 – 3 star city centre hotel with breakfast, welcome dinner with erotic lesbian floor show and a guided bar crawl with club entry on your last night.

Return airport transfers are also included, saving you the hassle of getting your stag party from the airport to your hotel.

So if you are looking for a very apt stag do in Prague you will have to go along way to find a better one then Les-bo to Prague.

Your Stag Do Needs A Kitty

Most stag dos these days are made up of friends and family with some people meeting each other for the first time.

So getting into rounds or just buying for your mates can sometimes isolate people and put some the guys backs up.

The answer?

Get a stag do kitty arranged at the very beginning of the weekend.

The Best man takes charge and has a money bag, woman’s purse or a big pocket where everyone puts in £20 at the start of the night. He then is in charge to buy all the drinks, food and anything else that the party may need.

Once the kitty starts to run dry, it’s another £20 each.

This paying option is a win win situation, and for most people they can just sit back, relax and watch the rounds come in.

Stag dos don’t need hassle, it needs to be a laid back affair, so don’t complicate it, get a stag do kitty started at the very start of the weekend, and then relax.

Summer Is Coming, Quick Book Your Last Minute Stag Do

The weather in the UK is about to take a turn for the good and if you haven’t booked your UK stag do yet; best get your skates on.

It’s all over the UK news websites, apparently the much talked about jet stream is shifting northwards binging in warm air from the continent and directing low pressure further north.

So if you haven’t booked for the end of July or August it’s best you book your last minute stag do now, before it gets too booked up.

There is still availability in coastal resorts such as Bournemouth and Newquay so you can head to the beach or do some fantastic coastal stag do activities such as Coasteering or Jet skiing.

If you want to keep it close to home a stag do in Reading or Bristol with or without loads of activities is also a great idea.

Head North to North Wales for some fantastic adventure activities or get yourself to Nottingham or Newcastle for some mad nights out.

I hope the weathermen are blowing hot air as I think you will all agree it’s our turn to get some decent sunshine.

White Water Rafting Stays on Track

A couple of months ago I was asked by a client booking his stag do “will there be enough water in July to have some decent white water rafting in North Wales?”.

I explained to him that usually June and July don’t have a huge amount of rainfall however, dam releases by Welsh Water keeps the river levels up keeping it perfect for white water rafting.

How wrong were we both, we have had one of the wettest summers since records began (why is everything since records began, when did they begin 2007?).

The good news is no DesignaVenture stag parties has had their white water rafting cancelled due to dangerously high water levels, in fact water levels are perfect for some fantastic white water.

You cannot beat Britain for adventure weekends, so if that’s your aim for your next stag do, book Britain.

Stag Do Winter Sales Starts Today

This is not a reflection on the current weather conditions this is a genuine sale for stag dos looking to celebrate this winter (2012/13).

We currently have 5 stag destinations all offering fantastic activity weekends at amazing prices.

In Bournemouth you are saving a whopping £49 per person keeping your stag do well under £140 per person and includes loads of activities, 2 nights in a 3 star hotel with breakfast and guest list nightclub entry.

Reading is another stag do pleaser and includes 1 night in a 4 star hotel with breakfast, 3 amazing activities and nightclub entry all for £89 per person – it’s a deal, a steal, it’s a sale of the century!

If you prefer Bristol then we have a stag night £35 cheaper but with no loss of quality. Again staying in a city centre 4 star hotel with breakfast, 3 activities and guest list nightclub entry, lovely jubbly.

However, if you prefer to get away from it all, and don’t mind travelling down to Newquay, you can book a blinder for just £75 per person.

Fantastic stag do ideas by DesignaVenture.

Bristol is Becoming The Best Stag Do Destination

Bristol is becoming the best stag do destination in the UK.

Feedback from clients who travel to this fantastic stag do city are giving consistent 5 star reviews.

The activities, the accommodation and the nightlife are all winners, giving our stags the time of their lives.

Whether they are racing around on Rage Buggies, shooting clays or partying their little socks off at the Bierkeller, Bristol just seems to hit the spot.

It’s extremely accessible by road, air and train and the location of this amazing city gives it some unbelievable activities; from Gorge Scrambling in South Wales, karting in Avonmouth, horse racing in Chepstow or Bath all within an hour’s drive.

So if you are looking for you next big stag do city, you cannot go wrong with Bristol, it’s a real winner.

DesignaVenture Takes Action

If you want to see DesignaVenture’s number one aim of 100% customer satisfaction in action then today was that day.

The management had the unwanted task of moving hundreds of people from an activity site due to poor feedback from customers, alternative upgraded activities were found at no extra cost to the client.

“It only took a couple of negative feedback letters from our stag dos and a thorough investigation took place before making the decision that this activity site isn’t for our customers” the DesignaVenture customer service manager advised me.

“We want to receive customer feedback good and bad as this is what helps us to achieve our number one goal of 100% customer satisfaction” she added.

So if you want to book your stag do with a company that looks after their customers then look no further than DesignaVenture, as they say ‘the proof is in the pudding’.

Communicate People

Far too many stag dos go to pot due to bad communication which is a crime in this amazing digital age.

The stag do organiser needs to get the information out there, secure some commitment from the boys and communicate information so everyone knows what’s going on.

Set up a Twitter account or a Facebook page, other alternatives are Google + or simply build an email group so when one person emails everyone in the group gets it.

There is so much technology out there, from social websites, to fantastic apps so make use of them, the majority of these website services are free of charge so use them before companies start charging!

A great stag do needs good communication, so communicate people.