Stone Roses Gig Vs Dermot O’Leary’s Stag Do

According to a popular tabloid’s website Dermot O’Leary is planning his stag do for this weekend, the very same weekend as The Stone Roses homecoming gig is on which is causing quite a dilemma for his mates.

Fellow TV presenters Ant & Dec and Dave Berry have all complained as they have tickets and want to go and see the Roses gig at Heaton Park, and who can blame them.

There is no mention on what Dermot is planning for his stag do however, if temptation gets the better of some of his A list guests he may be a few people down.

Dermot is due to marry director Dee Koppang this year and we want to wish them all the best for the future.

North Wales Boasts A Busy Stag Do Summer

We are finding more and more stag parties want adventure and there is no better place then North Wales.

Stag Parties are kicking out the clubs for Canyoning, White Water Rafting and Quad Biking.

North Wales has seen the benefit of this as it has some of the best stag do activities available within the UK.

Rage Buggies have also just arrived in to our North Wales popular packages attracting petrol heads wanting their stag do to include a bit of Rage!

You cannot beat these amazing machines; they are extremely fast, furious and tough enough to take on any stag party.

At night you have the choice of parting in Chester or any of the local towns surrounding your rural hotel. Alternatively, you can drink at one of our group hotels where the bar shuts when the last man drops, which can be all night in some cases!

North Wales is a fantastic place for a unique stag do away from the traffic jams, hassle and smog of a big city.

Thanks For Spilling The Beans

The business of arranging stag weekends has become flooded, every Tom, Dick and even Harry think that they can put together a website and arrange weekends away.

Now this isn’t sour grapes as we understand this is a free market however, as one of the leading stag do organisers we would like to thank Tom, Dick and Harry for keeping us on our toes.

DesignaVenture has been successfully arranging hen parties and stag weekends for almost 9 years and we are going from strength to strength.

Our customer feedback is great and we cannot thank our customers enough for their continual 5 star ratings.

With a vast knowledge of experience, friendly and helpful staff, good value and with customer care so nice it feels like a warm hug we don’t need to blow our own trumpets.

So thanks.

Don’t Get Lost in Translation

Without a doubt when you go on a stag do to Prague, Bratislava or Barcelona you are going to want to get to the best bars and clubs on your first night as you only have a weekend to squeeze them all in.

Don’t leave anything to chance and book a guided bar tour for your first night.

She will make sure you get to the best bars and will be able to help you order drinks (as if you need help ordering drinks), direct you around the best areas, and show you where everything is ready for the following night/s ahead.

She may even introduce you to her friends and let’s face it; they are going to want to talk to you because your gorgeous British men celebrating a stag weekend and are fun loving and full of banter!

Royal Ascot Begins

I have no doubt that this year’s Royal Ascot is going to be a special one; well this is the Queen’s jubilee.

Ladies and gentleman have today turned up dressed to impress and the outside of this famous Horse Racing Venue is cloaked in huge union jacks.

The reason why there is so munch emphasis on what people are wearing is that the venue has tighten it’s dress code laws for the Royal Enclosure.

We have many hen and stag parties visiting the venue this weekend and we are sure they are going to have the time of their lives.

Here’s a dress tip for you; don’t wear a cravat, no one looks good in a cravat.

Roundtables Want To Create The Ultimate Stag Do Guide

Roundtable organisations throughout the UK have taken it upon themselves to put together the ultimate stag do guide for their members and maybe to draw a younger crowd in.

The Hereford, Banbury Cross and Sanbach Roundtables are all advertising in local newspapers wanting stag do stories and stag weekend tips.

I think they need to look no further then this stag do news blog written by DesignaVenture experts and the DesignaVenture Blog – Stag Do Ideas.

There are also some fantastic websites out there that give out plenty of stag advice and true stories such as

For years there has been loads of wedding websites advertising mainly bridal interests however, are the times a changing?

Are grooms to be wanting a more active part in the wedding?

No not really, I think most grooms will show interest for the wedding however, the stag do will be filling their heads a lot more!

Scotland’s First Minster is a Betting Charm

Unable to attend both his colleagues stag do, Alex Salmond, Scotland’s first minister provided a six race tip to next the 15 strong stag party £1,600!

Two of Mr Salmond’s senior staff Stuart Nicolson and Kevin Pringle are due to marry in the summer and decided to have a joint stag do at Musselburgh Racecourse.

After giving the stag party a six horse accumulator each member of the stag party each put on a £2 bet, giving them winning of sixteen hundred nicker!!

The next time I go on a horse-racing weekend I’m going to drop Alex an email asking for tips!

If you are looking for a Racing Weekend, DesignaVenture have plenty of horse racing weekends in Ascot (including Royal Ascot), Newbury, Nottingham, Newcastle and Chepstow.

Don’t Miss A Game Whilst On Your Stag Do

If you love the Euros and you are worried sick about missing a game whilst on your stag do, then let DesignaVenture ease your stress.

We can make sure you don’t miss a game by giving you front seat tickets at some of our top stag do destinations.

Currently most games start at either 5pm or 8pm and we have the knowledge of which venues are showing each games in all our popular stag destinations.

So if you need advice on where to go to get your next Euro fix then pick up the phone and give us a call and we will guide you in like a beer seeking missile.

Now relax you are on a DesignaVenture stag weekend.

Just Jump

If you want a stag do with adrenalin and excitement then include a stag activity where all you have to do is Just Jump.

Take Coasteering, an activity for the Adrenalin Junkies and includes jumps from 5ft ledges all the way to 60 foot jumps, ouch.

If that sounds like your bag and can’t get to the coast, Canyoning is a great inland replacement with similar height jumps into deep water but also the added benefit of beautiful scenery and waterfalls.

If you prefer to be attached, go bridge jumping whilst on your stag do in Bratislava or Prague. You are attached to a bungee cord and jumping off a platform in front of your mates, there is no better feeling.

So if you have a stag who wants to assert man hood whilst on his stag do, book an activity where he puts his money where is mouth is.